Increase Sperm Count By Natural Means

A sperm plays a vital role in creating a new life. The quality and quantity of sperms in the semen are the next important factors that have a bearing on conception. A low sperm count translates into difficulty in conception. Some of the common problems that men suffer are low sperm count, unhealthy sperm, quantity and quality of the sperm. For semen to be healthy it should either be white or grey colored, thick and more in quantity. Studies have shown that for every ml of semen there must be 20 million sperms. The overall sperm count should be at least 40 million of which 75% should be alive and 30% should be of normal shape and form. In that, 25% should have a good swimming speed to move forward. This indicates the fertilizing capabilities of the sperm. Sperm count below the normal conditions is called as 'Oligospermia' and if there are no sperms in the semen it is called as 'Azoospermia.'

Some common causes for low sperm count

  • Infected semen.
  • Heat minimizes sperm count. Some ways of loosing sperms due to heat are by wearing tight underpants, bathing in hot water, sitting in hot tub for long hours, being overweight.
  • Repeated ejaculation over a short duration of time.
  • Increased masturbation.
  • Smoking.
  • Increased alcohol consumption.
  • Excessive physical or mental exertion.
  • Zinc deficiency.
  • Anabolic steroid use.
  • Deformed genitals.
  • Prostrate gland disorders.
  • Harmful or toxic pollutants.

Home remedies to increase sperm

  • Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Practice yoga and meditation to be stress free.
  • Try to exercise regularly.
  • Try to maintain a three day gap between two consecutive ejaculations to remain fertile.
  • Avoid bitter, spicy and acidic foods.
  • Avoid tight underpants to provide an ambient climate for the testicles.
  • Have a good massage therapy with herbal oils to improve blood circulation.
  • Loose excess weight.
  • Have a healthy diet containing whole grains and vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins.
  • Sperm levels are at the highest in the morning and afternoon making it the best time for love making.
  • Celery is one of food products known to have great properties for sexual stimulation. It contains androsterone, an odor free hormone which is very inviting for women. Raw celery is the best way to increase that desire.
  • Oysters are rich in zinc and are know to increase sperm and testosterone production. It contains dopamine which increases the sexual desire.
  • Bananas, Avocado and Almond or other nuts are some of the other food products which help in this matter.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.


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