Learn Why Being Happy is Very Healthy For You

Emotions are like a roller coaster. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down; sometimes you’re upside down for a minute, then right side up the next. Normally, when people achieve their goals, their outlook on life is bright and cheery. They burst with positive emotions. However, when disappointment and frustration come their way, high enthusiasms dampen in a flash.

Try to remember the last tragedy that happened to you. Reflect on what it was and what your emotions were at that time. How did you feel the following day? How did you feel after a week? After a month? Now repeat the exercise, but think of a wonderful event instead. How long did the happiness from the moment last? Think about this – why do you sulk longer than you glow?

It’s because as we achieve more accomplishments and material possession, we tend to lift our expectations up a notch. We ask for greater accomplishments or more money. We are no longer satisfied with what we have. This applies to the rich and the poor.

Studies show wealth does not equate to happiness. However, being happy is similar to being healthy.

Too much stress can make the person unhealthy. Living in the 21st century led to a technologically advanced way of life, but we still experience stress through our anxieties. We are anxious on petty concerns – financial worries and rush – thus making us eat and sleep less. Sometimes, we are not in the proper mental disposition; this affects our professional and personal lives. When we ourselves our anxious, there is a tendency to be impatient with those around us.

The choices we make each day affect our whole outlook on life. Healthy habits are necessary for good health. Health and happiness are related and can affect each other. Good feelings can come from simple pleasures. Anything you enjoy doing, when done, makes you happy.

Senses of contentment, belonging, and purpose also bring happiness. Our attitude towards life in general, and the satisfaction we get, contribute to our happiness and health. When we are satisfied and are able to accomplish our goals and dreams, then we are happy.

We get an additional boost of confidence when we receive positive feedback on our efforts. Constructive criticism brings into our attention what we should work on for improvement. It is necessary that we receive feedback even if it weren’t given on a regular basis.

As we work hard, we should also play hard. Involve yourself in the community and keep in touch with your network of friends to maintain positive health.

There are some people who possess the “No Worries” attitude when dealing with life. They are usually optimistic and generally see the glass half-full, rather than half-empty. They live in the present, and are not stuck on the past. They accepted that the past couldn’t be changed. Neither do they worry about the future. They do know that the present shapes the future and that is why they seize the day.

With this open attitude, it is easier to meet new people, have new ideas, and gain new experiences. Happiness is all about living for the moment, being optimistic, and accepting the realities of life. From there, one feels healthier and ready to face life’s challenges.

When one finds happiness in his or her life, the whole body chemistry is affected and the bodily systems function well. There’s more time for family and friends, lessening the stress from work. When the person is an animal lover, playing with the pet (dog or cat) can relax him or her more.

He or she can also make time for a holiday. Researches done at the State University of New York at Oswego and the University of Pittsburgh show that those who take annual vacations are 20 percent less likely to die in the next nine years. Vacation is the remedy to stress. Besides, people are more than willing to shell out for experiences.

In a nutshell, doing activities that you enjoy can be the best way to have a fulfilling and healthy life.


  1. Vincent Reply
    May 30, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Excellent article. Everything said is true. I have been depressed for a good 2 and a half years now and I have begin developing a lot of problems. For example, just this past month and a half I have had breathing problems and heart issues. I have now consciously realized that I WILL definitely leave the past behind and live in the present for the better future. I want to be able to do so much in life and live life like I have not yet lived. Thank you for this article. It strengthened my will to let the past be behind me.

  2. Aliya Reply
    March 26, 2012 at 2:39 am

    Well done abbas

  3. K11 I LOVE DEWOTT! Reply
    April 27, 2012 at 6:28 pm


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