Learn How You Can Beat The "Defeatism" Attitude


Did you know that the antidote for snakebite contains the same venom from the snake?

In the world of alternative medicine, the branch that deals with the natural healing process is called homeopathy. The notion behind its healing power is based on the idea that like cures like. Simply put, it takes the same minute amount of poison to cure a person who has been poisoned.

Similarly, when applied to negative habits like defeatism, it takes a small amount of defeat to cure you of defeatism.

Admit it or not, many of us have some sort of defeat habits. Have you ever felt that you are not good enough? Have you ever let fear dissuade you from pursuing a perceived difficult task? Have you ever let a strong comment from your family stop you from pursuing your dreams?

Defeatism usually starts small and hardly noticed until it grows into gargantuan proportions to the point that it can overwhelm you. If you are a victim of this habit, take heart. You are not alone! There are a number of ways to overcome this habit.

You can learn a number of lessons by applying the principle behind natural cures like that of homeopathy. A small dose of defeatism can totally cure you of feelings of defeat, thereby leaving room for feelings of success to come into you.

Here's an example.

You have just graduated from college with a degree in Law and have to take the bar exam so you can practice your profession. The thought of flunking exams seems to make the future uncertain. It stirs up negative and scary feelings that make you dilly-dally in your decision. “I want to take the exam but I'm afraid I might fail. What will my former classmates think if I fail? How will I inform my family of my failure?”

This thought pattern keeps you from pursuing your goal to become a full-pledged lawyer. The source of this particular thought, the defeatist attitude of fear, needs to be unearthed.

To allay your fears of defeatism, belittle it. Think of it as a minute distraction, a small irritant that prepares and trains you to effectively deal with bigger distractions.

When faced with defeatist thoughts, immediately ask yourself, “What's the big deal in failing in an exam? So what if I fail? I can always take it again, and again. And I won't stop until I pass it!” Refuse to give attention to failures. Better yet, tell yourself that failures do not deserve your attention.

Being the sport that you are, confront failure and say, “Ok, I'll see if I can squeeze in a little space for you, but no promises”.

Dominate defeatism. Better yet, use the feeling of defeat to give you the courage to take that exam with enthusiasm. Support this feeling of enthusiasm with thoughts of joy. Think of the prestige and honor you will enjoy when you pass the examination. Imagine yourself as the lawyer you have always wanted to be. Feel the emotion and excitement of taking the oath. Isn't the feeling exhilarating?

By constantly visualizing such energizing thoughts, you will muster enough courage to take the exam. The feeling of excitement within you must completely overshadow your former feeling of defeatism.

You can actually defeat defeatism. Defeating defeatism is like using poison against poison. Controlled and small doses of defeatism can cure you of defeatist habits. Let this be the springboard to catapult you in realizing your goals.

Yes, you can defeat defeatism. Capitalize on it and watch as it self-destructs itself.

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  • Defeatism is a pain in the A*** I see it in sports people some times when they are out of form. A good innings or sequence of games can defeat it & make the difference & see peoples demeanour change.

  • Approaching a defeatist attitude is all well and good when it’s a minor issue. What about life altering major issues. A gentle nudge in the right direction is insufficient at best. Finding the patterns that support self-respect while a nurturing environment that provides a capacity to regain self-worth are much more significant that handling a minor issue like believing an exam impacts a life. Try this one on for size; how does a defeatist happen? Where does it come from and in a stifling environment how does a defeatist find the motivation to step up to the plate over and over again knowing (not believing) but knowing that every time they do so it’s entirely up to them. I appreciate the sentiment of how to get over something like defeatism when it’s unjustified but what about when a life superimposes a defeatist attitude onto an individual? That requires more than a simple phrase as if it was a panacea.

  • I rate this as 1 (poor) because the idea is too vague; instead of being negative think positive! A very lame approach that is basically suggesting such a predicament is simply a matter of turning on this switch instead of another… and unfortunately much more is taking place inside that brain that is thinking defeat over and over and over again.

  • I was looking for a solution to defeatism, not a pick-me-up. How is this supposed to help someone who feels defeated when the SLIGHTEST little thing doesn't go according to plan?

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Abbas Abedi