Vertigo: A Symptom Leading To Miniere’s Disease

Vertigo is the feeling of whirling or spiraling that takes place as a result of a disorder to a person’s balance. Subjective vertigo happens when a person feels dizzy from within while Objective vertigo is when the person feels that the things around him move.

Vertigo is, in fact, a symptom, it is not a disease on its own. It is a disorder in the vestibular system. The vestibular system is responsible for joining together the stimuli of the senses and a person’s movements and it is also responsible in keeping the object in imagery focus, even if the rest of the body part is moving.

Vertigo can be one of the symptoms of Meniere’s disease. Patients with this disease exhibit hearing loss and feels pressure in their ears. They also suffer from tinnitus, a state of severe imbalance. Vertigo is the most dramatic and the most disruptive symptom of Meniere’s disease. When vertigo attacks, the patient should immediately head to see his doctor for treatment as it usually hits in succession within a short period of time.

If you experience a vertigo attack, you would suddenly feel wobbly and perceive all the things around you are spinning. Your eyes can also beat from side to side. You will also feel nauseous and sweaty. It would feel as if you are riding a real shaky ship amidst a hurricane for hours.

Meniere’s disease binds vertigo to the definite hearing loss of a person. Although research shows an average of 0.01% to 0.07% people attains this disease. People above 40 are more prone to it. For people younger than that, cases are considered rare. It is also true with children.

If you have vertigo, chances are, you have contracted Meniere’s disease. You should not waste any time and head for treatment immediately. Vertigo is one symptom that should never be taken for granted. Once it strikes, take a quick rest and immediately set and appointment with your physician.

If vertigo does lead to Meniere’s disease, don’t fret. Mineare’s disease can be easily cured. Just heed your doctor’s advice and recovery would be quick and easy.


  1. The only reason I gave it a low score is because of how it ended. "Miniere's disease can be easily cured." is not true. We have gone to several doctors and there really is no cure to this disease. And recovery is not a piece of cake. These symptoms can last several weeks for my husband and the medication does help with some things like vomiting but not the spells itself. He has a very hard time working and cannot drive at these times. So even under a doctor's care, it isn't a fix.

  2. Never have seen anyone be over this quick and easy regardless of treatment, it goes on for years for some. Some drs. just say, get used to it.

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