Nutritional Supplements That Can Help Prevent Cancer

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli contain the phytochemical called 13C. The presence in those vegetables of 13C allows them to become natural cancer-fighting foods. The ingestion of vegetables rich in 13C is a natural way to prevent many cancers. An alternate way is to take one of the nutritional supplements that contain 13C.

Three different physiological processes are affected by the use of nutritional supplements with 13C. Three different changes that can cause cancer become interrupted during regular ingestion of some form of 13C.

  1. 13C disrupts the completion of the life cycle in the cancer cell
  2. 13C prevents formation of the blood vessels that tumors need
  3. 13C use brings about the death of some cancer cells

Nutritional supplements that contain 13C allow entrance into the body of a chemical that can deprive cancer cells of the nutrients they need for sustaining their high metabolic activity. When the cancer cells cannot get those nutrients, then they die. Other nutritional supplements that can help to fight cancer are those containing selenium. In 2005 the National Cancer Institute put a spotlight on the ability of selenium to prevent cancer. An Institute study showed that a low intake of selenium caused a four-fold increase in prostate cancer among the studied male subjects.

Selenium, which is present in trace amounts within the body, has been shown to be an antioxidant. As an antioxidant, selenium is a cancer-fighting substance. Nutritional supplements that contain selenium can slow or prevent the growth of cancer. Selenium adopts three methods for going after or holding-back the cancer cells. Selenium adds power to the actions of the immune system. Selenium provides assistance to the thyroid gland, a gland with important functions related to the growth of healthy cells. Selenium encourages the activation of certain enzymes.

Research suggests that selenium’s ability to activate certain enzymes is responsible for its ability to reduce cancer risk. One can get selenium by eating foods rich in selenium. One can also get selenium by taking any of the nutritional supplements that contain that cancer-fighting mineral.

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