Getting Pedicures While Pregnant, Is That Possible?

Finding out that you are pregnant can be the greatest joy of your life. As your pregnancy goes along, you find yourself hurting. The usual hurting, your back hurts from holding up the extra weight, your tummy hurts because your muscles are dealing with the fact that new life is growing inside. Then there is your feet, they are getting sore from helping carry around the extra weight but also because they are swelling. It’s something that is common while being pregnant.

It’s just a fact your feet and ankles are going to swell. I would place a bet that before becoming pregnant, once a month you may have had a pedicure done. The joy of pedicures is the massage they give your legs and you get to sit and have someone else care for your feet, paint your toes etc.

It’s getting time to get your toes done but now that you are pregnant, you start to wonder can I still get pedicures now that I am pregnant? First thing you should do is ask your doctor if it’s ok to have a pedicure while pregnant because she would know what is best for you and the baby.

If your doctor gives you the ok then think about your local nail salon, are they a day spa or do they just do nails? If they are a day spa, they will take the time to treat you and your baby to the most delightful pedicure ever! They make cost a little more, but they can be trusted to take of you and the baby.

While you are calling around to see if any day spas in your neighborhood treat soon to be mom’s with pedicures you may have questions. Here is a few questions you may want to ask them before setting up an appointment:

  1. Is it possible to get a water-less pedicure?
  2. Can I have the water be cool not hot while my toes are soaking?
  3. Can I pass on paraffin wax treatment if I want, or can I have one?
  4. May I have a massage on my legs that is a little gentler than usual?
  5. Or may I have a massage that’s a little longer than usually done?
  6. May I choose what color polish I want?
  7. Do they offer nail polish that contains no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde?

Most nail polish companies have taken these ingredients out of their polishes but there are still some out there still have it. You would be better off if you make sure that your nail polishes that you use pregnant or not, do not have DBP, Toluene Formaldehyde.

Don’t forget to ask your doctor first just in case she feels otherwise. If your doctor gives you that ok, go ahead and start getting pedicure done! Your legs will thank you, and the massage will help bring the swelling down. Get the best deluxe treatment possible for yourself. If possible treat yourself to a pedicure every time you get your manicure done so as to help keep the swelling down. Once your baby is born, getting your toes done will be the last thing on your mind!

One for thought about this, a day spa would also be a great place to have a baby shower at, just think you and all your friends getting their nails and toes done instead of the usual types of baby showers! Enjoy being pregnant and just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to stop getting pedicures or manicures done.

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