The 4 Danger Signs Your Wife Is About to Cheat on You

More than likely you’re not going to actually catch your wife or girlfriend cheating on you, but there are some little signs that you should pay attention to that may clue you in she is about to cheat.

Perhaps you feel that things just aren’t quite right in your relationship, but you really cannot put your finger on anything particular.

Well, she could be thinking about cheating.

It could be a case of your wife being strangely attracted to another man. And she’s about to cheat, except she doesn’t realize it’s going to eventually happen. This is very common.

In fact, at this stage many men are totally convinced that she is having an affair.

The truth is, she hasn’t done a thing.

So, how can she tell if she is about to cheat? The following are some signs that should provide insight.

Sign #1 – She Doesn’t Seem to Care

Perhaps she used to criticize things you did (or said), but now she doesn’t seem to care at all.

Perhaps she’s given up on ever hoping to change you, or perhaps she has met someone who does not have the bad faults that you do.

Sign #2 – She Speaks Often About a Specific Man

Do you notice that she is constantly talking about a specific man that she knows? Women tend to do this when they are interested in a man, as you probably noted in your little sisters somewhere along the way.

If she talks about a man all the time and then stops talking about him, you really should beware.

It could be a telling sign that she in on the “edge of cheating”. Her thoughts about him have taken on a new form. And in her mind, she may have already visualized how everything would go.

Sign #3 – Your Gut Says Something Is Not Right

In some cases the only clue that you may have is a feeling in your gut that something is just not right, and many times your gut is right.

However, your interpretation could be that she has already done something. When in fact, you’re picking on the “fantasizing” or the “preparation”.

Trusting your instincts is important and even if you haven’t seen any of the other signs yet, you may want to go ahead and believe what you are feeling. Unless you are already dealing with major trust issues, you should listen to what your gut is saying, since it is probably right about the situation.

Sign #4 – You Rarely Have Sex

More than likely when you were first together your sex life was great; however, if you don’t seem to have any intimacy left in your relationship, then this may be a sign she is thinking about cheating with someone. It becomes very difficult for her to desire you when she has been “daydreaming” about some other guy. Either she has lost respect for you temporarily or she is preparing for that special day with her dream guy.


  1. Your gut instinct is so important. As the article says – your gut won’t tell you what has or hasn’t already happened, but it will tell you something is wrong. I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened to me. Years ago, my wife talking to a friend of ours at a gathering – like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere. Never suspected anything before. There was nothing about their conversation that I consciously observed that was unusual. But my gut was right. It was the beginning of an affair that lasted about 2 months.

    1. I would agree with you. I also have a gut feeling that something’s suspicious about my wife. She has been a little bit distant lately. How did you confronted her about the matter?

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