Warning Signs of Cheating Husbands

Most women feel they know their husbands very well. They are intuitive enough to know when something with him just isn’t adding up. In many marriages, the first warning signs of cheating husbands are small things. If a wife is aware of what she should be looking for it can help her to determine if her husband has strayed outside his marriage vows.

One of the most obvious warning signs of cheating husbands is demeanor. If a man is being unfaithful he may feel uncomfortable and nervous when he’s with his wife. Watch for things like him talking non-stop, being overly attentive or suddenly throwing himself into handyman projects. Most men who are partaking of an extramarital affair have no desire to get caught. In an effort to avoid detection their personality will change. If your husband suddenly seems incredibly anxious around you, don’t ignore it. It’s happening for a reason.

Men who are cheating often use work as a means of covering up the time they are devoting to their affair. If your husband has had the same work schedule for a number of years and now is working later in the evenings or on the weekends, that’s a red flag. If you have access to his paycheck information, check to see if there’s any extra money being paid to him. If there’s not, he’s likely not at work when he says he is.

Being defensive is also one of the warning signs of cheating husbands. If you question your husband about where he’s been or what he’s feeling, he’ll likely become defensive if he’s being unfaithful. Part of this reaction stems from the guilt he is feeling. Another approach that many women take when they suspect their husband is cheating is to question him about his thoughts on infidelity. His answer can be incredibly telling, particularly if he suggests that there are instances when it’s acceptable.

If your husband has become more secretive about his expenses this can be a warning sign that something is amiss in the marriage. If he’s meeting his mistress at a hotel or is taking her out for lunch or dinner, he won’t want you finding the credit card receipts or bill. The same is true if he has put a password lock on his computer or cell phone. He’s trying to hide something from you and you shouldn’t ignore it.

One of the warning signs of cheating husbands that many women don’t recognize involves social functions. If your husband avoids bringing you to any functions hosted by his work this may very well mean that he’s cheating with someone from work. Question him about it and weigh his response.

Never dismiss your own intuition when it comes to suspecting your husband is having an affair. More than twenty percent of married men have been unfaithful at some point during their marriage. It’s always better to know if infidelity is occurring in your marriage.

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  1. Sarah H. Reply
    September 10, 2018 at 3:54 am

    My husband always goes home late and he said it’s because of work. I was not totally aware of the infidelity not until I have read text messages from his lover.

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