10 Signs of Infidelity in Men

Men sometimes cheat on their wives. In fact, many marriages are now plagued with the problem of husband infidelity. Many women go years not knowing that their husband is being intimate with another woman or women. Although many women have a gnawing feeling in the back of their minds that their husband isn’t being faithful they don’t fully recognize the signs of infidelity in men. Once you know what to look for it becomes much easier to catch him when he does slip up.

The first of the warning signs of infidelity in men is very obvious. If your husband suddenly stops telling you that he loves you this may be a sign that he’s feeling adoration for someone else. If he often told you how important you were to him without you saying it first and that stops, it’s something you need to be concerned about. Many men find it difficult to feel emotionally close to more than one woman at a time. For this reason, the feelings of infatuation he may be feeling for his mistress are overshadowing what he feels for you.

A change in the way he dresses can often mean there’s a new woman in his life. Men like to look nice when they are courting someone. If he changes the way he wears his hair or if he buys a new wardrobe you should be very suspicious. Another of the signs of infidelity in men is when a man wants to diet and get in shape when for years he pushed it aside. If you’ve been asking your husband to lose weight for his health and he’s ignored your requests but now seems determined to do it that may indicate that he’s doing it to impress another woman.

How he handles money is also a good indicator of whether or not he’s having an affair. If you have a joint bank account and he’s taking out more cash than he has in the past this could be attributed to the fact that he’s paying cash for things related to his lover. Some men don’t realize that they leave a paper trail if they pay with a credit card. If you two share a credit card and you have access to the monthly bill give it a quick look over. Any unusual charges may be another of the signs that he’s committing adultery.

Laziness and disinterest in day-to-day things are both signs of infidelity in men. Many men only want to relax when they have time at home on the weekends, but if that’s not the norm for your husband and he suddenly has no get up and go, it may indicate that his mind is somewhere else. The same is true if your husband loses interest in family activities including planning and participating in family vacations. A red flag should go up if he ever tells you that he can’t take a family trip with you because of work. There’s a strong possibility that his desire to stay home has more to do with a woman than getting his work done.

Two of the warning signs of a cheating husband seem to contradict one another but it’s important to pay attention if either is occurring in your marriage. Intimacy is often directly affected when an affair is taking place. Depending on the level of guilt your husband is feeling you will either notice that he’s much more attentive to your intimate needs and can’t seem to get enough of you or he’ll lose virtually all interest in you. Any shift, whether it’s negative or positive in your intimate life, is a sign that something has changed in terms of his feelings.

Once a person becomes good at lying about cheating they may start lying about other things. If you notice inconsistencies in things your husband says to you, don’t let him sweep this under the rug. If he’s lying to you about something that seems harmless there’s a good chance he’s also being deceitful when he says he’s not having an affair.

It’s often hard to know whether your husband is indeed committing adultery. Many men can have a long term affair without anyone suspecting a thing. In fact, seventy percent of married women have no idea when their husband is having an affair.


  1. Anonymous Reply
    March 2, 2009 at 1:37 am

    I am a male who has committed adultery… this article is so so true. You hit the nail on the head.

  2. Manoj Menon Reply
    June 24, 2012 at 12:14 am

    I don't agree. I have some of the indicators you have mentioned, but I am not cheating my wife. Especially about "the signs of infidelity in men is when a man wants to diet and get in shape when for years he pushed it aside''.

    I diet and wanted to get in shape, coz lately I realized the health benefits and the ''feel good'' of dieting and exercising.

  3. Anna Reply
    August 23, 2012 at 10:40 am

    My husband has all the signs of an affair! He recently told me of an affair that happened 7 years ago. But the signs are just within the past year. There is obviously something not being told!

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