Three Shocking Signs That He's Got a Crush on You

Everybody knows the standard ways that you’re supposed to know whether a guy likes you or not… the “usual” tip-offs are of he smiles at you, makes a lot of eye contact, you catch him staring, and he seems to laugh a lot and act nervous. Well that’s only half the story. Here are some shocking ways that some guys will let you know they like you… and you’d never guess!

You see, the standard “does he like me” signs are for usual shy, romantic guys (you know, the boring ones!), but a lot of other guys are completely different, and if you don’t know how to detect the different signs in different situations, you could miss out on something great!

Here are 4 shocking signs that the “rebel” guy may like you:

1) Remember in elementary school, guys would throw things at girls and torment them when they liked them, and generally just be really obnoxious?

Well guess what… he may be all grown up on the outside, but on the inside he’s still that obnoxious kid who doesn’t know how to respond to women.

If he teases you, don’t write him off… it may be his way of expressing that he likes you!

2) If that happens and you think it’s possible, ask one of his nicer friends “what’s up” when you run into him alone. Make it really casual, without revealing anything.

3) If he brags about his car or his bike, or makes a big deal out of having “better stuff” than other people, if he’s doing it within ear distance of you, he may be trying to impress you. That’s why guys WANT cool stuff… because they’re trying to impress women. If you act impressed, that may let him feel safer to take the next step in getting closer to you.

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