Mother's Day Poems

My Mom

Mom you are my guiding light,

You held my hand in the darkest night.

Chasing demons and rain clouds away,

Showing me rainbows on dreary days.


Mom you gave me wings to fly,

Supporting me always as years rolled by.

Never letting me feel I was less than the rest,

When I lost a race, or failed a test.


Mom you are my example for life,

You taught me how to be mother, and wife.

The lessons I learned sitting at your knee,

I’m thankful for all your time spent with me.


Mom you’re also my friend so dear,

Ready to listen with a helpful ear.

Offering advice, a hug and a smile,

Reminding me of all in my life that’s worthwhile.


Mom you’re always close in my heart,

Even though we now live far apart.

Distance can’t break what has grown strong with time,

And nurtured with love, both yours and mine.

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