Baby Toys and Social Development

Baby toys are not just good for keeping babies entertained. They are important for baby’s mental, physical, intellectual and social development. They should be treated as tools that teach baby about the world and their place in it. Baby toys add excitement to learning about life, how things work and how to get along with others. Good toys and plenty of interaction will give your little one the motivation to play and to develop basic social skills.

For the first few months babies do a lot of eating and sleeping! A great way to make the most of the time your baby is awake is to encourage and stimulate them to develop their senses through brightly coloured toys and nursery accessories.

Try to remember that a newborn baby can see objects most clearly when they are held about eight inches away from their face. By 4 months your baby will be able to hold small objects without the thumb tucked in, and by 7 months they will be reaching for baby toys and following objects with their eyes.

By the time your baby is 12 months old, they will be able to hand an object back to you and turn the pages of a cardboard book. By 16 months babies can point with their index finger and use both hands to play, and by 18 months they will be building with blocks.

Baby toys and Mother/Baby interaction are so important when it comes to the development of your child. Your baby will learn from you and will try to mimic your behaviours, so you must play with the baby toys too!

It is best to choose colourful, non-toxic wooden toys for your baby. Plastic toys are often brittle and can shatter creating dangerously small parts which only too often end up in babies mouth.

I found a beautiful range of wooden toys for babies, toddlers and children at mail order company, Spirit of Nature. These toys are designed to encourage motor skills, hand-eye coordination and imagination through play. Unlike plastic toys, these toys are made from natural, sustainable raw materials and are free from harmful toxic substances, like phthalates, used in plastic toys.

Spirit of Nature have given much care and attention to choosing only the finest baby toys for your child. Their teething rings, rattles, and pram chains are designed to encourage early exploration, introducing your baby to beautifully bright colours and subtle sounds.

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