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Unfortunately, most of us weren’t born with perfect skin. Fortunately, even if your skin isn’t perfect, you can make it look that way if you know how to choose and apply the right foundation for your skin type. Follow these tips to get flawless looking skin every day.

Choose the Right Shade

When choosing a new shade of foundation, try a dab on your collarbone. Why? Because this helps you avoid having a line of “demarcation” – that line where your foundation stops and the skin on your neck and chest shows. Your foundation should match the skin on your neck so your face isn’t one color and your neck another. By choosing your foundation in this way, it makes it look seamless and natural.

Apply Your Foundation Like a Pro

Always blend your foundation on after applying moisturizer. Start with a dime-size drop and work from the center of your face out to the edges. Different application tools give you different finishes. For the sheerest look, you can use a damp sponge but fingers can be used for more coverage. The heat from your fingers helps the product blend seamlessly. You can try foundation brushes for the same results, but they blend extra fast. A plus for using foundation brushes is that they don’t absorb as much of the product as other applicators, so there’s less waste.

Flatter Dark Skin

Choose a liquid or cream – they blend better on darker skin tones than powders. Liquids and creams tend to have sheerer pigments than powder foundations which contain micronized minerals like titanium dioxide. Titanium Dioxide can look “ashy” on dark skin. If you like using powder, try applying a liquid or cream first and then finish with a light dusting of powder.

How to Look Natural

If you prefer the natural look, try using just a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers contain about half of the amount of pigment in a medium-finish foundation. This will give your skin a boost without a lot of coverage. If you are fortunate to have even skin tone, use tinted moisturizer instead of your usual hydrating lotion. Then if needed, you can spot-conceal with a cream foundation or concealer.

Get a Smooth Foundation Finish

The best way to get a perfectly smooth foundation finish is to use a primer. Applied under foundation, this sort of silicone-based gel can even out skin texture. If you have fine lines, large pores or bumpy skin, a primer will help create a smooth canvas for makeup. As an added benefit, it helps anchor your foundation for longer lasting wear.

By following these tips, choosing the right shade, applying it like a pro, and choosing the correct type of foundation for your skin type, you can have great looking skin all the time whether you were born with it or not.

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