Choosing the Sex of Your Baby

Desperate for a daughter? Do you have dreams of shopping and manicures and cooking together? Or how about a son – visions of Little League games and fishing trips together? Which ever gender you prefer, believe it on not you do have some control over which one you have without complicated testing, medical intervention, or techniques.

If you would like to have more control over the sex of your baby, timing is the key. Medical research has proven that male sperm are fast. They are fast swimmers and can reach the waiting egg before the female sperm can.

So if you have intercourse the day or the day after you ovulate, you have an egg there just sitting there waiting for your husband’s sperm to come along. If this is the case, odds are you will conceive a baby boy because the male sperm are stronger and faster swimmers, they are going to beat all the female sperm to the egg.

This is great if you’re trying to conceive a baby boy, but if you want a baby girl, it could be a little bit more tricky. While male sperm are faster and quicker at swimming, the female sperm live longer. Male sperm only live 1½ days to 3 days. The key to getting pregnant with a baby girl is to know when you are going to ovulate and then only have female sperm waiting there to fertilize the egg.

This is accomplished by having intercourse one to three days before ovulation. If you do this, by the time the egg has been released, those fast male sperm will have died off, leaving only the strong female sperm to fertilize and this results in a baby girl. Just be sure that you don’t have intercourse for several days after you ovulate to give the girl sperm the best chances. You might not conceive as quickly with this method and if you have trouble conceiving, you may not want to try this at all, but it is the best method to use.

Of course this method isn’t foolproof – no method of choosing your baby’s sex is, but it has worked many times and has the logic and reasoning of science behind it. So while different intercourse positions might make conceiving a whole lot more fun and interesting, if you want to try for a specific gender, it’s best if you get your timing right.

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