Fruit Juice Vs. Vegetable Juice

There appears to be a difference of opinion concerning the merit of fruits versus vegetables. There is a small but zealous group of people called fruitarians who maintain that fruit is the only proper food for mankind. Then there are some like myself who favor vegetables for good health and proper nutrition. In fact, I feel that fruit, even in the broadest possible range and variety, can never provide sound health and long life.

The fruitarians maintain stoutly that through the use of fruit they enjoy good health or have regained good health after being sick. I sometimes demand proof of their statements and they offer it in various ways. For example, they use their own good health as testimony that an all-fruit diet is the proper course to follow. They also cite the gorillas and other primates as examples of fruit eaters who display great strength and good health.

Back a few years ago I could not refute these statements and even though I could not accept their theory that fruit and fruit alone was the proper diet for man, I just permitted the matter to rest. However, after a lot of study and investigation, I learned that there are few, if any, robust and healthy fruitarians. I do not know of one 100% fruitarian who has lived on a totally fruitarian diet for ten straight years, let alone 25 years or more. Therefore, if they cannot show me an example …. that is, a good example …. of someone who has remained on a strictly fruit diet for ten years or more, then what have they to offer as proof? On the other hand, I have known a few myself who tried a totally fruitarian diet and all came ‘a cropper’.

Then I found proof that the statement that the gorilla eats only fruit is nothing but a myth …. and a stupid ridiculous myth at that! For years the fruitarians have been citing gorillas or other primates as an example of the value of a strictly fruitarian diet. However, upon studying the eating habits of gorillas, I learned that fruits constitute less than 10% (actually closer to 5%) of the total diet of gorillas. A detailed comprehensive book, written and tabulated by one who spent some years among them, gives this proof conclusively and it is available to anyone who wishes to get it. The title of the book is, “The Mountain Gorilla Ecology and Behaviour,” written by George B. Schaller and published by the University of Chicago Press.

The reason I have taken the trouble to bring this whole matter of the gorilla and the fruitarian diet into the open is that with the exaggerated claims of the fruitarians and the fact that the fruitarian diet is pleasing and delectable, many people might be led to believe their claims and perhaps do themselves serious harm. I have witnessed just that in at least four instances.

My many years of reasearch and study have clearly and unmistakably indicated that vegetables are a better source of nutrition than fruits. It is admitted that most fruits are more pleasant, more palatable and more delectable and no doubt require less work in preparation than vegetables, but it appears certain that vegetables are more valuable nutritionwise.

I stress to you readers who are seeking health that you do not make the mistake of trying to regain or maintain your health on a diet of fruit juice alone. I maintain that it cannot be done.

It is my way of life to read and study nutrient charts and from these charts I learn and then base my opinions. Thus, when I say that vegetables contain many more essential nutrients than fruit, I want you to know that I have investigated the matter.

One must not judge the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables by taste and flavor alone. A vegetable I consider to be one of the finest — namely, cabbage — is acceptable when sliced, shredded or chunked but it is much, much less palatable in the juice form. In fact, I know of few if any less desirable juices than cabbage. However, in an actual research project it was found that cabbage juice therapy was a safe and almost positive way to rid oneself of ulcers.

Again, do not judge the merit of a juice by palatability alone. Remember, we go on a juice regimen in order to improve or regain our health …. not as a fad or for fun. It is strictly a means of survival, so flavor is not of importance. On the other hand, one need not sacrifice everything nor follow a spartan regimen. One can have a fair amount of the more enjoyable fruit juice …. for example, one-third fruit juice and two-thirds vegetable juice …. but I would strongly advise that they not be mixed. Although an apple will improve the flavor of many vegetable juices, I advise that you take your fruit and vegetable juices separately.

It is important, in my opinion, that the variety of fruits and vegetables used be as broad as possible. Do not restrict yourself to the juices of one or two fruits and one or two vegetables. Make positively sure that you get a broad variety. In this way your diet will be properly balanced …. and this will be reflected in the way you feel and the way you look. You will note, if you study charts, that some juices contain large amounts of one nutrient or element whereas other juices contain large amounts of other nutrients or elements.

It is claimed that fruit juice is the cleanser of the body. No doubt you have noticed that fruit juice cause a much greater frequency of urination and, thus, they are generally referred to as cleansers. In my opinion, the fact that they make you urinate frequently does not necessarily mean that they are cleansers …. but that is the value that many authorities attribute to them. However, you can be sure that a lot of fruit means a lot of urine.

A few years ago I had a friend visiting me from Alaska and he confided in me that he was fearful that he was developing diabetes. I asked him why he was fearful and he told me that recently he had been urinating much more than usual. He also told me that, knowing he was coming to visit me, he had gone on a fresh fruit diet. I pointed out that a diet of fruit, especially melons, will greatly increase the flow and frequency of urine. It turned out he had nothing to fear …. it was simply ‘much fruit, much urine’.

While fruit juices are referred to as cleansers of the human body, vegetable juices are called the regenerators or builders and this tends to bear out my belief that vegetable juices contain more nutrients than fruit juices. My studies reveal that vegetable juices contain practically all of the nutrients required to build and sustain the human body in optimum health.

For those who are addicted to drinking and consuming large quantities of tea, coffee, milk or other beverages, I would like to suggest that drinking fruit or vegetable juices would be far more beneficial health wise and, of course, fruit or vegetable juices are not addictive. Desirable and pleasant, yes, but addictive, no! At the same time I would like to remind you rather emphatically that fruit or vegetable juice is not just a refreshing drink like water or pop, but it is a food …. and a potent, health-giving food at that!

In using juices, remember, no seasoning should ever be added. In fact, to add seasoning of any kind would detract from the value of the juice or create an imbalance. Never, ever add salt to, any fresh juice. In fact, if you value your health, do not add salt to any food.

My enthusiasm for fresh vegetable and fruit juices did not spring up overnight. It slowly developed over a period of many long years, during which time I watched experiments and learned just what these juices can do.

Well, I have a love affair with vegetable juices and I want to tell you that that love affair is based on the soundest foundation that exists on earth …. I saw with my own two eyes some of the lives that were saved by vegetable juices. Yes, I actuallly saw terminal cancer cases turned back to good health even after the medical doctors said that no more could be done. It is not hard to have a love affair with such a virile lover!


  1. Anonymous Reply
    July 28, 2009 at 3:42 am

    Fruitarians, is this a joke? This is supposed to be health guidance not bizarre dogmatism.

  2. Rogue Ninja Reply
    April 19, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    I didn't feel that this guy actually said anything useful here… apart from the odd miracle statement about curing cancer, he didn't tell us, for example, which vegetables have which nutrients in them, or link scientific journal articles backing up his piece. I think it would be incredibly hard to get enough protein or fat in your diet from fruits and vegetables alone… perhaps having nuts as well might help? An all fruit and vegetable all sounds a bit OTT to me and not a substitute for a normal balanced diet.

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