Fruit and Vegetable Juice Health Benefits

To derive the utmost benefit from juices, get ample quantities of a broad variety of fresh raw juices into your body as quickly as you can. The vegetables must be fresh and of the highest quality.

Don’t let another day go by without your daily juice elixir. You can’t get the benefits from juices until you start taking them and then, like magic, great things will begin to happen. If you are not enjoying perfect health and still not taking juices, then you are delaying your recovery.

My problem is to get people to start on juices. Once they start there is no problem because in a short time they see the benefits. They only cease when they are back in good health. It seems logical that if you are in good health, why bother with juices? However, if juices have helped you regain your health, why take the risk of losing it again by giving up this ‘elixir of life’?

True, when you are seeking a recovery or remission from a condition or disease, large quantities of juice are required. However, once you have recovered, don’t completely cast aside the elixir that made that recovery possible. In the throes of illness, sometimes up to two gallons of fresh juice a day are necessary but once good health has been gained, you could cut the quantity down to two pints or a minimum of two tall glasses a day.

It is important to realize that once health has been recovered one should not take chances. Personally, if juices had aided my recovery from any disease, I would never ever stop taking them. As the situation exists with me today, I take a minimum of two glasses a day. It is no sacrifice to drink juices. In fact, it is a delight, for they can be made so that they are not only palatable but actually delicious.

Agreed, some kinds of vegetable juices are, to say the least, not palatable and even bad tasting. I find both beet juice and cabbage juice unpleasant so I suggest one temper justice with mercy and blend these vegetables with others that taste better and make your juice pleasant without impairing its effectiveness. I do not suggest the mixing of fruit and vegetable juices as a regular performance, but sometimes I mix apples with vegetables to improve the flavor of certain vegetable juices.

According to actual experiments, beet juice was proven to be effective in conquering cancer and while its value in treating cancer was not questioned, it was found that the patients on the beet juice diet could not tolerate it for very long. It is my feeling that this experiment should be tried again using the same quantity of beet juice but adding other more palatable juices to it until it becomes more pleasant and, thus, more tolerable.

The value of beet juice in the treatment of cancer should not be ignored. Its therapeutic value was proven and I suggest that my readers keep this information in the back of their minds, to be put to use if ever the need arises.

Most people, as long as they are enjoying good health or even a semblance of it, do not give any thought as to whether or not they are eating a nutritionally balanced diet. They just go merrily along their way …. until the ‘arrow’ strikes. Then they dash helter-skelter — here, there and everywhere — to try to correct their condition. They have not bothered to learn that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A properly balanced diet could prevent most of the diseases which plague mankind today and a couple of glasses of well selected juice taken daily could, in most cases, balance one’s diet. With such a pleasant means of preventing or combatting disease available at your very fingertips, it is hard to understand people failing to avail themselves of this great elixir. If only we possessed the foresight, the intelligence and, yes, the imagination to make juices a regular part of our way of life!

There are many manifestations of impending ill health but most of us fail to recognize them as such. Here are a few: loss of energy, frequent urination, headaches, change in bowel action, slowing down of mental faculties, mental depression, lack of confidence, fear, failing vision and failing memory. In fact, anything deviating from the norm is a sign that all is not right with your health and you must recognize that it could turn out to be serious.

Sure, thank heaven, in most cases it is but a minor ailment …. but forewarned is forearmed. In the event of any disorder or illness, look to your food and diet first. Usually a dietary change and the use of juices can help correct a developing condition. Yes, the best way I know to correct a deteriorating health situation is to go on a raw juice diet.

However, I must keep reminding my readers that canned or bottled juices will emphatically not do! Don’t ever allow yourself to forget this. Yes, I know, the processors can make them taste good and smell good and they preserve them well so that they will not deteriorate, but there is one thing the processors cannot do and that is put life back into the processed juice. There is no substitute for the life-containing fresh juices that you make with your own hands.

Now there is a way to drink juice and a way not to drink juice. Believe it or not, even though you may think it is impossible, I always eat my juice. So help me, I actually move my teeth around it. I take a small mouthful and actually go through the motions of chewing it.

This practice mixes the fresh juice with the saliva and thus aids digestion. I contend that by following this practice the juices are more easily metabolized and assimilated into your system and thus the nutrients contained therein are properly distributed throughout your body. Therefore, I not only enjoy my juice but I feel that I get the full nutritional benefits from it. I urge you to follow this method of eating your juice.

I believe that if you gulp your juice down, then you are not only depriving yourself of the pleasant taste of the juice but you are cutting down on the nutrient value of these wonderful drops of liquid sunlight. Follow my suggestion and fruit, vegetable juice health benefits will be yours.

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