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Here I would like to give the outlines of the few raw food experiments that I came across that were conducted in various parts of the world. While these works clearly illustrate the merit and value of a raw food diet, I bemoan the fact that a full scale properly conducted and documented scientific experiment was not followed through to prove once and for all that raw food is the answer to disease, including deadly cancer.

A raw food experiment was carried out at the Royal Free Hospital in England, wherein Dr. D. C. Hare put a group of arthritic patients on a totally raw food diet for two weeks and then a predominantly raw food diet for several more weeks. Practically all of the patients began to feel better within one to four weeks, with marked improvement continuing thereafter.

A researcher by the name of J. F. Kinderheilk learned that the raw food diet was also of much value in avitaminosis, nephritis, diabetes and chronic constipation.

Dr. W. Heupe, while working at the University Medical Polyclinic in Frankfurt, reported that a raw food diet aided in the treatment of diarrhea of children, in heart and kidney diseases, and in obesity and diabetes.

Researcher I. Kanai, of the University of Berlin, carefully studied and examined the effect of raw and cooked vegetarian diets on the oxidation of the body. He learned that oxidation was impaired by cooked vegetarian foods. On a raw food diet the urinary output of nitrogen was greater, indicating better absorption, and the weight increase improved.

Dr. M. Kuratsune, of Kyushu University in Japan, also tested raw and cooked vegetarian diets and obtained better results on the raw diet regimen. It was discovered that cooked vegetables tended to create anemia, which cleared up when raw vegetables replaced the cooked ones. Many other conditions, which had failed to respond to the normal conventional medical care, improved considerably on the raw diet.

These few scattered pieces of research have really only whetted my appetite for more and broader experiments. I am not given to crying ‘conspiracy’ at the drop of a hat when things go contrary to my way of thinking but it does at least give one scope for wonderment.

The work of Dr. Kristine Nolfi of Denmark was one of the greatest events in healing of modern times. She recovered from cancer after treating herself with an exclusive raw food diet and then opened an institution called Humlegaarden. Her success with patients was phenomenal. Dr. Nolfi wrote a book about her success and her story is well worth your attention and study.

In the winter of 1940-41, Dr. Nolfi was diagnosed as having cancer but she refused treatment by X-ray, radium and surgery. Because of her refusal to accept established, approved medical treatment she was persecuted until she ceased her medical practice. However, she successfully treated herself with an exclusive raw food diet and when she regained her health, she opened an establishment at Humlegaarden where she treated many cancer and other patients.

In her book Dr. Nolfi tells how, whenever she slipped off her raw food diet or used salt, the condition reappeared with renewed vigor. Then when she went back to and stuck to the raw food diet, the cancer subsided. This experience supports my theory that cancer can’t be cured but it can be held under control by a raw juice and raw food diet.

About 1000 patients visited the sanitarium annually and not only the patients were on a raw food diet but all members of the hospital staff lived entirely on foods which were not heat-treated. Dr. Nolfi gave a great deal of credit to raw garlic and raw potatoes which she claims were key vegetables in the success of the raw food diet.

Even if there had been no other raw food experiments in the world, Dr. Kristine Nolfi and Humlegaarden would stand out like a beacon for the world to see and know the curative value of raw food. Why should people suffer and die needlessly when eating raw food can restore them to good health and long life?

Then there is the work of Dr. Joseph Evers of Germany. He has treated nearly 1,000 cases of multiple sclerosis with diets which included no refined foods but which were composed chiefly of raw vegetables, raw fruits, raw nuts, raw honey, raw grain sprouts, uncooked coarse rolled oats, whole meal bread, raw ham, raw bacon and raw chopped beef. The success enjoyed by Dr. Evers in the treatment of multiple sclerosis is in itself the greatest documentation in the world for the value of the raw food diet. No other medical doctor anywhere claims beneficial treatment for multiple sclerosis. I have corresponded with Dr. Evers for over 10 years and I have sent people to him. They have returned in good condition and told me personally that Dr. Evers helped them.

So, does the raw food diet work? I know that a raw food diet is the simplest and most direct path to health and I challenge any person to try it and then tell me it doesn’t work. No, there are no failures with a raw food diet, but there are those who love their cooked food so much that they cannot give it up. However, it has been my experience that when they get sick enough, they will make the switch, too. Are you going to be one of these stubborn, sickly die-hards? Come on over to raw foods now and stay alive, healthy and happy.

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