Dangers of Food Additives and Preservatives

At the outset I want to say to you, “Eat no food that contains any chemical food additive.”

To me the word ‘additive’ is a nasty or contemptible word and here is what Webster’s Dictionary says:

“Additive: a substance added to another in relatively small amounts to impart or improve desirable properties or suppress undesirable properties.”

Dangers of food additives and preservatives: Actually this tells an important story and should be a general warning to all that additives of any kind or for any reason could be dangerous. It is my sincere belief and conviction that additives are the greatest danger on earth to civilization and to life itself. Lest you think I am overacting or exaggerating I wish to assure you with all the rhetoric at my command that I really am being truthful and very, very realistic.

Now a food additive is seldom if ever put into food for the consumer’s benefit. No matter what the food processors or their advertising agents tell you, this statement is still true. The food processors use additives for many reasons but basically it is to further their own ends. No, they do not use them to deliberately do you harm …. yet the harm is just as great as if they did do it deliberately.

One of the things that the food processor worries about is that he might be sued if the additive causes harm or injury to the consumer …. but he has little to worry about because the additives are only used in minute quantities. However, those minute quantities of chemical additives used in food are cumulative and build up or accumulate in the human body. Then, when this build-up reaches specific proportions, sickness, disease and perhaps even death may be the result.

However, it can seldom be conclusively proven that any specific additive caused these health complications for the simple reason that no one eats a food containing an additive and then instantly drops dead …. so the Food and Drug Administration and the food processors assume that that additive is safe.

As part of my work, I study toxicology and thus I learn a little bit about the dangers of many chemicals and I assure you that the chemicals added to our food are definitely harmful. I maintain that they are much more dangerous and deadly than most people realize. Why do you think the food corporations hire the most famous food scientists and technologists in the world to be continually on the stump to defend them?

The sad part of the food additive affair is that in many or most cases the individual who consumes the food doesn’t realize what he is ingesting. For example, in looking around, here are a few of the things I learned:

Cereal used to mean a bowl of something like oatmeal or wheat flakes. Today it means puffed wheat or some of the other processed cereals to which have been added butylated hydroxyanisole as an antioxidant, sodium acetate as a buffer, red No. 2 dye, yellow No. 5 dye and aluminum ammonium sulfate, which is an acid.

Bread used to be made of flour, water, salt and lard. Today it contains sodium diacetate to inhibit mold, monoglycerides as an emulsifier, potassium bromate as a maturing agent, aluminum phosphate as an improver, calcium phosphate monobasic to condition the dough, chloromine T as a bleach, to make the flour snowy white, and aluminum potassium sulfate.

Butter back in the good old days was churned cream with a little salt. Today it has hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent, yellow No. 3 coloring and nordihydroguaiaretic acid as an antioxidant.

Milk used to be the tasty white secretion from a healthy cow’s udder. Now it is a concoction that has been composed in a dairy and contains hydrogen peroxide which functions as a bacteriacide, oat gum as an antioxidant, a wide variety of antibiotics, plus various fungicides, pesticides and various other chemicals that are used to kill germs in the milk cans and milking equipment and on the cow’s udder when they wash it before every milking.

Cottage cheese in my day was the curds from the unpasteurized whole milk of a healthy cow. Now it contains dyes, diacetyl, to give it the flavor of butter, sodium hypochlorite used for curd washing and hydrogen peroxide as a preservative.

Cheese was usually just good old cheddar. Now it is usually processed and contains calcium propionate as a preservative, calcium citrate as a plasticizer, sodium citrate as an emulsifier, sodium phosphate as a texturizer, sodium alginate for stabilizing, aluminum potassium sulfate for firming, chloromine T as a deodorizer, hydrogen peroxide as a bacteriacide, acetic acid, pyroligneous acid to simulate smoke flavor, and various coloring agents.

Ice cream was once a delectable and nutritious dessert food, made from unpasteurized milk and cream. Most people still find it pleasant and believe it to be nutritious and healthful. However, in addition to pasteurized milk, now it contains agar-agar for thickening, mono- and di-glycerides for emulsifying, calcium carbonate for neutralizing, sodium citrate as a buffer, hydrogen peroxide as a bacteriacide, oat gum as an antioxidant, and various other chemicals for flavoring, such as amylacetate for banana and vanilidene kectone for vanilla.

Candy is loved by most children and most parents buy it for their offspring with the feeling that it is essential for their well-being. In the good old days gone by most families made their own candy such as fudge, taffy, peanut brittle and taffy apples. Well, it has often been said that sugar is the arch criminal destroying childrens’ teeth and perhaps doing other damage but, besides sugar, take a look at some of the chemicals generally used in our candy today:

Sorbic acid (fungistate), Butylated hydroxyanisole (antioxidant), Mono- and di-glycerides (emulsifying agents), Poly oxye thylene (20) sorbitan monolaurate (flavor dispersant), Sodium alginate (stabilizer), Calcium carbonate (n e u t r a l i z e r), C inn amaldehyde (cinnamon flavoring), Titanimoxide (white pigment), Mannitol (anti-sticking agent), Petrolatum (candy polish), Propyleneglycol (mold inhibitor), Calcium oxide (alkali), Sodium citrate (buffer), Sodium benzoate (preservative).

When I was a lad fruit was a scarce item. Apples were our main fresh fruit and we would see an orange or two at Christmas time, if we were lucky. Today the variety is much broader in the fresh fruit line …. but who eats fresh fruit nowadays when canned is so easy to get and so easy to serve? Just slip a few cans of fruit into your shopping basket and have them in your larder for ‘fresh’ fruit at the push of a can opener. However, here is what you get along with your canned fruit today:

Calcium hypochlorite (germacide wash), Sodium chloride (anti-browning), Sodium hydroxide (peeling agent), Calcium hydroxide (firming agent), Sodium metasalicate (peeling solution for peaches), Sorbic acid (fungistat), Sulfur dioxide (preservative), FD & C red No. 3 (coloring agent for cherries).

To clinch my argument, all you need is a good book on toxicology to quickly learn what harm all those various chemical additives can do to your body. Of course, as mentioned earlier, these foods will have long since passed through your alimentary tract by the time your body is affected and, thus, no one will be blamed but God. People will wring their hands and weep and moan to heaven while the real criminals, the food processors and the chemical manufacturers, will go on their merry way manufacturing more and more of their goodies. It doesn’t sound right to me that people should have their lives cut short while the government agencies just sit still, not wishing to disturb the ‘status quo’. Dangers of food additives and preservatives are real!


  1. This is absurd! Lupus is a serious illness and many many americans today have all those symptoms and many more. They don't have lupus! Their bodies and immune systems are completely overloaded with toxins, additives and pollutions and they are consuming nutritionaly devoid food on a daily basis. This is fear mongering! This is just a way for the government to "distract" us from what is really causing so many people alot of pain.

  2. What a horrible, non-informative article. If I wanted to read a list of addtives in food, I'd read the label! Every paragraph is just "Back in my day… blah blah blah CHEMICALS!" Does it mention any actual harm from the chemicals? No, it says, "Go read a toxicology book". Thanks!

  3. Your article is true and those naysayers are misinformed. Good health to you.

  4. Thank you for this informative information. I think the comments below are a little harsh, that they are not that informed about what is in products and I apologise for them. Thank you, Noreen!

  5. Excellent article and information.

  6. Thank you for your great article. It is certainly time that consumers should wake up to these dangers which affect not only themselves but their children and future generations (God willing). Please vote with your feet, read the labels and avoid these additives.

  7. The information in this article is right on the spot. Search and read in Google books: The Gerson Therapy, by just reading the first 30 pages, on-line – or so, you will understand the real meaning of this article. Of course, if you want to heal, get the book and put to practice, and healing will come – including CANCER! Take a look at the China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, for more inside of the food and big pharma industries.

  8. Thank you for the facts. No wonder canned food taste so nasty, and all store bought food is so not as good as home made. I so wish I was reared by farmers! I wash nearly all fresh fruits and vegetables with soap and vinegar.

    I am outraged that the food industry ram rods us with all these appalling chemicals. Our drinking water is loaded with poison and human waste as well. We can be them at their own game and I am getting busy.

    Thanks again for the link.

  9. Agreed – all but one. What's wrong with hydrogen peroxide? Caustic, yes, but surely not toxic.

  10. You provide no argument except for the fact that processed food is processed, we all know this. The questions that need answered are what are the effects of the chemicals? Are some of them actually good or inert? In essence I agree with what you are trying to say. However, this type of poorly worded rants are why the real food movement suffers.

  11. Excellent article. One of the 'commenters' below needs to follow your advice and look this info up for himself.

  12. Unfortunately, just another Internet rant by someone who is hypersensitive to the subject. Although many of the chemicals talked about in this "exposé" can be dangerous at high doses, so can many of the chemicals considered to be beneficial to the human body such as dihydrogen monoxide, citric acid, and sodium chloride. For example, agar-agar is a seaweed extract that is benign to the human system even if it is ingested straight. Yes stay away from over processed foods. Eat more often how our bodies have been genetically trained to eat over thousands of years. USE COMMON SENSE!

  13. I have numerous food allergies including sulfites, yeast, and corn. I am trying to learn how to cook all foods from scratch using fresh foods only. This is still very difficult. Many products are injected with "natural flavorings" (yeast extract). I believe that the numerous chemicals in all of our foods are leading to numerous health problems that include fatigue, headaches, asthma, and obesity. I know that since I changed my diet I have never had more energy, experience les fatigue, my skin and body feel healthy, my asthma has improved, and I lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks. The more I learn about food, chemicals, and our bodies I agree that processed food and chemicals are harming all who eat these foods.

  14. Do not forget to add AZODICARBONAMIDE (plastic foam) which is in most bread products. No wonder we have so many mentally sick people and deformed children. The out of control FDA is allowing the citizen and their children to be poisoned and all for profits to payoff your Senators and Representatives, like mine would sell their own into slavery just for a portion of the blood stained 30 pieces of silver.

  15. And people wonder why so many die from cancer? After reading this article I'm afraid to eat anything except fresh but I can't afford too! I'm 66 and have to buy cheap food which is all loaded with these chemicals and we wonder why the poor die sooner than healthy eaters?? Very sad that our govt. lets this continue. Someone needs to start a national campaign on Facebook and twitter or a lawsuit I wish I knew how!!!!

  16. I say feed all this crap to every politician and their families that ALLOW the FDA to get away with poisoning our foods that were ONCE pure and edible before profit and greed stepped in and let them digest it all!!!! They make these crappy laws let them eat them too!

  17. Makes you think!!

  18. This is a poorly cited, poorly researched, and incredibly misguided article. Many food additives are safe and are naturally occurring in foods we consume to begin with. Reading a single article on a particular additive does not make you an expert on that topic; you have to survey the entire literature before reaching a reasonable conclusion.

    The author is just another victim of chemo-phobia, the fear of anything with a chemical name. Sodium citrate for example is often added as an emulsifier; it contains a sodium ion (in most foods naturally) and a citrate ion (base form of citric acid, another very common compound in fruits). The ignorance of the public is deepened by this.

  19. The article didn't argue anything, it just rolled off a list of impressive sounding without explaining why they were harmful, or even what they were. There was no counter-argument, and it was written in a biased, aggressive way.

  20. Ill-informed and misleading.

  21. Thank you for compiling this list and presenting something easy enough for the general masses to read and understand. I'm telling you… one mention of sodium laureth sulfate or xanthan gum will immediately cause the listener toward a knee jerk reaction which usually involves dismissing you entirely as a conspiracy nut and a pseudoscientist.

  22. Very good read. What is even more amazing that people simply do not care… they will buy the stuff and go back to get more…

  23. This food additive issue is complicated and requires a couple doctorate degrees to understand the complexity. So 3 years ago I decided that there is no way to fight it back so I changed to 100% organic grass fed food and that changed my life. No restaurant food no grocery store food.

  24. This site was not informative at all. It basically just listed ingredients and didn't say HOW any of these are actually harmful for you. Reading this is as frustrating as asking someone a question and having them tell you to Google the answer.

  25. Excellent article.

  26. After reading this I will look closer at the ingredients in my future food purchases. Thank you for writing and sharing this article.

  27. Just too much truth in this…

    Still I’m glad there are people trying to make things right!

    Even if it’s not possible nowadays!

  28. Someone seems to claim that sodium citrate is harmless. Well it causes me severe migraine headaches. It also seems to cause regular headaches in most people and they don't even know it.

  29. Sodium Citrate causes headaches for most people and migraine headaches for those who suffer from migraines. If you get headaches for unknown reasons, it is probably because you are drinking or eating something that has sodium citrate in it. It is unbelievable that they are putting this chemical in more and more products every day for practically no reason.

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