AuthorDr. Matthew L. Neddermeyer

Why Do I Sweat so Much?


We see examples of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis every day. In your normal life, you would have encountered one such person if you don’t have it yourself. One such friend had greasy palms and armpits that would require him to change shirts frequently in a day, and he was no stranger to the remarks that would do the rounds unbeknownst to him, thanks to the unusual body odor. Perhaps if...

12 Office Fitness Tips


We’re not advocating that you stand up all day while working in your office, but getting up occasionally and performing a few simple exercises, will help you maintain that “just got to work” energy and attitude. Blood circulation is very important for your legs, and these tips may also help you when you’re on a long flight, as well as in the office. Just make sure your...

How to Stop Cravings


Everyone has an obsession. Be it sex, food, love, liquor, gambling, religion. You name it… everyone has one craving that is out of control. And there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s how we humans are built. However, when this one vices leads to another, and another, that’s when things well and truly get out of control. Of course, we all have our preferences that we stick...

Three Tips for Getting Restorative Sleep


We look at the clock and then do the quick math: If I fall asleep now – right now – I’ll get 4 hours and 36 minutes of sleep … I’ll get 3 hours and 51 minutes … I’ll get … The obsession over sleep comes from the modern world’s inability to cue our bodies and minds for rest. Most households have at least one television on at all times, add-in the glowing and buzzing rectangles of...

6 Little-Known Benefits of Vegetable Juicing


Let’s be honest: The biggest benefit of vegetable juicing is having the ability to easily consume entire vegetables while you are on the go. Slurping them up through a straw is way easier than trying to just…eat them. Chewing is hard work – especially in the mornings when the idea of eating something feels like a chore. It’s okay to admit it. We’ve all been there...

Dr. Matthew L. Neddermeyer