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Tongue Piercing Aftercare


Tongue piercing can be a risky business, which is why you need to approach a professional to get the work done. You should be willing to endure a little pain as well. The tongue will swell once the barbell is pierced into the tongue. Usually, the tongue swells after few hours of piercing. After the piercing is done, you will be advised to stay on a liquid diet for few days. This is a must to...

Dating Pisces Man


Introduction to Pisces Men If you are dating a Pisces man you are in for a bumpy ride. He will love his freedom and like the fish his sign is named after, he could easily be a slippery person to be with. He often claims that more is less but that only applies to him. The more you think you are finding out about him the less he is likely to want to tell you. Most of the things you know you will...

Symptoms of Early IVF Pregnancy


One of the most common questions about IVF (in-vitro fertilization) seems to be concerning whether or not there are any early signs of pregnancy in women using this method of conception. In reality the symptoms are not much different than they are in women who have had natural conceptions. The only trouble is that most people who undergo IVF are also being treated with a series of hormone shots...

Bleeding and Discharge During Pregnancy


Some women spot during pregnancy and in most cases this does not indicate that there is any problem at all. In addition, vaginal discharge is also quite normal during pregnancy. However, an excessive amount of vaginal discharge or bleeding can be a sign of trouble. If you are pregnant for the first time then your body is probably going through many changes that may confuse you or even frighten...

The Advantages of Bottle Feeding


Most people are of the opinion that breast feeding is the best method of feeding an infant, and for good reason. Breast feeding provides a newborn baby with a variety of anti bodies in order to help ward off a number of illnesses. Studies show that infants who are breast fed have a much lower risk of certain illnesses during childhood. With that being said, bottle feeding is not without its...

The Basic Needs of Every Child


Children have many needs but this article will outline some of the most basic needs that each and every child has. There is a big difference between what a child wants and what a child needs and many parents seem to confuse the two. In fact, many children want things that are not good for them at any given time. As parents it is our job to be sure that our children’s basic needs are met and that...

Symptoms of Throat Cancer


As with any other form of cancer, detecting the symptoms of throat cancer in its early stages is the key to successful treatment. Even so, some symptoms are difficult to detect in the beginning and as throat cancer progresses through the stages, those symptoms change accordingly. So too is the prognosis altered as cancer is detected in latter stages. Although there are some generalities, some...

Burning Eyes – Causes of Burning Eyes


Anyone suffering from burning eyes knows what a nuisance it can be. Besides the fact that it may be downright painful at times, it can also spillover into a number of activities as well. Depending on the degree of burning sensation, you may not be able to see adequately to drive, work or read. Getting to the bottom of the problem is always important, but more so if those burning eyes interfere...

How to Get Rid of Leg Bumps


If you are woman who shaves her legs then the chances are that you do so in order to try and ensure that your legs look and feel smooth and attractive. Having a set of legs that are shiny and free from hairs makes you look like a model and means you can show off your calves and thighs in a pair of heels and a short skirt – and not be embarrassed if your partner should happen to stroke them...

Johanna Carlson