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Does Vitamin E Really Help Scars?


You cannot avoid having scars in your life. One of the stages of life where people are more prone of having scars is during toddler and preschool years. Another stage that people can have scars and marks is for women who are pregnant. Because of this, a lot of people are finding different ways on how to remove these scars. One of the most effective ways today according to them is by applying...

Relieve Menstrual Cramping With Molasses


Menstrual cramping is usually a common effect of menstruation that causes pain and discomfort to women. Cramping may be caused by prostaglandins in the body which make the uterus contract resulting to reduction of blood flow in the uterus. Molasses is thick brown syrup and considered a healthy sweetener. It comes from sugar cane and can also be formed when sugar syrup is boiled to form into...

Effects of Cocaine on Human Body


Cocaine is one of the highly abused drugs all across the world. Many teenagers are becoming addict of this harmful drug. Most of the people are unaware about the disadvantages of cocaine abuse. This is an area of concern for many countries as their youth is going towards wrong direction. Cocaine can be snorted, injected and smoked. It has direct impact on our brain and central nervous system. The...

How to Get Rid of Marijuana Addiction?


What more can be said about Marijuana then it is lot more dangerous and addictive then alcohol. Marijuana leaves no choice for its addict then to only think about this drug and ways how to get it. It is almost banned in every country on the globe but due to corruption it is still being smuggled and supplied through various resources. The desire for Marijuana makes one goes to any extent in order...

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