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USP Natural Progesterone – Exactly What Is It And What Does It Do?


USP natural progesterone refers to the progesterone substance that is exactly the same hormone that is made by the human body. USP natural progesterone is not the same as the ‘progestins’ that are synthetic versions of progesterone sold by the pharmaceutical companies. For example, progestins are associated with birth defects while progesterone is necessary for a healthy pregnancy...

Alcoholism Stages – 3 Stages of Alcoholism You Should Know


Alcoholism stages can be categorized into three stages of alcoholism – early stage, middle stage and end stage alcoholism or late stage alcoholism. Alcoholism stages generally take years to develop. Alcoholism is a disease where alcoholic beverage consumption is at a level that interferes with physical or mental health, and negatively impacts social, family or occupational responsibilities...

Alcohol Abuse Effects – 5 Physical Effects of Alcohol Abuse


Alcohol abuse effects can be far-reaching and devastating. The effects of alcohol abuse not only have consequences for the drinker but those around her or him as well. Alcohol abuse effects can be both psychological and physical. Alcohol consumption causes changes in behavior. The physical effects of alcohol abuse can be experienced with as little as one or two drinks. Impaired judgment and...

Abdominal Hysterectomy Recovery Time After Hysterectomy


Having an abdominal hysterectomy and the recovery time after hysterectomy are significant events in any woman’s life. Since an abdominal hysterectomy is an in-patient surgical procedure, you should plan on being away from home and work during the surgery and perhaps during the beginning recovery time after hysterectomy. The length of the hospital stay depends on what type of hysterectomy...

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Women


Symptoms of hormone imbalance in women may begin as early as the late twenties to the forties. Symptoms of hormone imbalance in women tend to increase as a woman ages, especially if ignored in the earlier years. Hormone imbalance symptoms can be any one or more of the following: Allergy symptoms Depression, fatigue and anxiety Endometriosis Fibrocystic breasts Hair loss and facial hair growth...

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