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Tanning Effects on Different Skin Types


If you are sun-worshiper or a tanning bed dweller, you will know that having a tan is always a good look to have. However, it is important to approaching tanning cautiously and ensure that you are safe when doing so. Tanning, of course, is related to skin cancer, and it is important not to stay in the sun for too long without protection. It is also important to read up in advance about how your...

Summer Tips for Natural Black Hair


Those who enjoy natural black hair are lucky to sport a hair color that’s relatively rare, that’s striking, and that can look great with a range of clothing and in a vast variety of fashions. However if you’re looking forward to showing off your natural black hair in summer, then like any other hair color you are likely to find that it dries out and becomes brittle. You might...

Top Ways to Save Money When Going Out


Everyone likes to have a good time. For most people, this translates to going to a bar, meeting with some friends and having a few drinks. That is, of course, unless you are broke. 99% of the things you can do when you go out in order to have fun will cost money. That is why it is essential to practice certain tricks and tips that will ensure that your spending on a fun night out will be limited...

It's True: Women Prefer Tall Guys


Tall guys have all the luck – they’re statistically more likely to have high paid jobs, to breeze through interviews, to be more confident, to become athletes in basketball or the high jump and they’re even more likely to get the girls. It’s true – in countless studies and surveys women have been shown to rate taller guys as more attractive. Why Women Like Tall Guys There are...

How to Make a Great First Impression


First impressions are highly important whether you’re on a date, going to a job interview or meeting your partner’s parents for the first time. Countless studies have demonstrated the long-lasting impact of first impressions, and how difficult it is to change our opinion on someone or something once our mind is made up. This is not a bad thing always necessary – in fact it is...

Bikini Line Hair Removal


Getting out the bikini is a great opportunity to look and feel sexy and to show off the physique you’ve been working on all the way through winter. However if you’re not confident in your body then it can also be highly stressful and there are various things that might make you a little worried about showing that much flesh. What won’t help is bikini line hair which is generally...

Victoria Premerlani