Influenza: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment


The word “flu” is often used very casually. People say they had the flu, or the stomach flu, or “some kind of flu is going around.” Actual influenza usually makes people sick enough that it is clearly something different. If you did not get the influenza vaccine as flu season begins and you get sick, how will you know it is the flu? Most people who actually have it know...

Influenza – The Virus and the Vaccine


Many people don’t give any thought to influenza, commonly called the flu, but they should. True influenza is a highly contagious, viral illness that can cause epidemics, severe disease, and even death. Once you have had it, you will remember, and will probably want the vaccine before the next influenza season. Influenza is believed to have been infecting people for 2500 years, since the ancient...

Understanding and Fixing a Pelvic Tilt


If you suffer from a bad lower back, then many things could be the cause. While we might think that the best solution would be to rub the point where it hurts and to rest it, this could in fact have nothing to do with the cause of the pain in the first place. It’s important to think of the body as being entirely interconnected. While you might feel pain in your back then, this does not...

Everything You Need to Know About Ebola Virus


The Ebola Virus is big news at the moment and is currently causing a huge panic in the media, enough perhaps to get the general public somewhat worried. What is this virus? What are the causes? And are we at risk? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Ebola. What Is Ebola? Ebola, technically known as ‘Ebola Virus Disease’ (EVD) or ‘Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever’...

5 Every Day Habits That Are Bad for Your Teeth and Oral Health


Taking care of your teeth and your oral hygiene is not simply a matter of brushing well and frequently. This is only four minutes of your day, and really what will dictate the health of your teeth much more is the way you spend the rest of your days in between those periods. And often looking after the health of your teeth is just as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do...

Things to Try for Stubborn Joint Pains


Joint pains can be highly frustrating. Whether they affect your knee, your shoulder or your back; losing mobility is no laughing matter and can prevent you from pursuing the activities you enjoy or even just moving around freely and without pain. For these reasons, it’s very important to address any stubborn joint pains you might have and not to just ‘ignore them’ as so many of...

Ingrown Toenail Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Ingrown toenails form when our toenails grow into the skin surrounding the nail bed and thus create open wounds. This can occur as a result of a trauma to the toe, to the continuous use of overly tight footwear or congenitally rounded toenails that sink into the toe on either side. Other causes include sweaty feet which can soften the toe and poorly cut nails. Try to avoid cutting your nails too...

Understanding Thyroid Function and the Problems That Can Occur


The thyroid hormones are a complex and delicate balance of hormones that are largely responsible for controlling the metabolism. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid hormones are not produced in great enough quantities, leading to lethargy, weight gain, low mood and other issues. Hyperthyroidism meanwhile is the reverse effect leading to hyperactivity, anxiety and weight loss. While...

Why Do We Have Two Nostrils?


Have you ever asked yourself why you have two nostrils? If you really think about it, there is actually no need to have two nostrils at al… We have two ears because we take in sound waves directionally – this is what gives us ‘surround sound’ and allows us to hear predators creeping up on us (less so these days). Meanwhile, we have two eyes so that we can register two slightly...

Is Carrying a Bag Bad for Your Back?


A bad back is one of the most common health complaints that many of us experience these days. This will affect the lower spine in many cases (especially when you’re sleeping/when you first wake up) but it can also result in pain in the upper back, the shoulders and elsewhere. There are many different causes for this back pain. One of the main contributors is the way you sit at work, but...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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