Similarities and Differences Between Asthma and Allergies


Many people are confused about the differences between asthma and allergies, and with reason, because the two conditions are often related. Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from asthma, and in about half of the cases, they are either also allergic to substances in their environments, or their asthma attacks can be triggered by such substances. What are allergies? The primary difference...

Salt Therapy for Asthma


Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy or speleotherapy, is an alternative form of medicine that is used to treat a range of respiratory conditions. While it might sound very unusual, if you’ve ever been to the beach and felt as though it made you feel healthier and improved your breathing, then you will probably be sympathetic to the idea of salt therapy. Here we will look at this seemingly...

The Connection Between Chlorine and Asthma


In the year 2000, The United States Olympic swim team announced that about a fourth of their team had some form of asthma. Of course the fact that all of the members spent most of their time in swimming pools led researchers to start looking into a possible connection between chlorine and asthma. It has long been know that the chloramines and trihalomethanes in chlorine can exacerbate the...

Best Places to Live With Asthma


Asthma is a difficult problem to live with. Highly common though it is there is still no cure and it has a bad habit of rearing its head at just the wrong moment. For those with serious asthma this can be enough to cause a lot of difficulties – perhaps forcing you to use steroids that will prevent you from drinking and enjoying yourself, or posing the threat of an attack that can be a serious...

Foods to Avoid When You Have Asthma


Asthma causes the airways in our esophagus to be highly sensitive and prone to closing over. Many things can cause this effect and these are known as ‘asthma triggers’. If you come into contact with these you might find your airways tightening up, becoming swollen, or producing too much mucus which will cause wheezing and make it difficult to breathe. Identifying your asthma triggers...

Extrinsic Asthma VS Intrinsic Asthma


Initially asthma is categorized into two: the extrinsic asthma and the intrinsic asthma. But this classification is elaborated; the extrinsic asthma is renamed as the allergic asthma while the intrinsic asthma is divided further into exercise induced asthma and the chemical induced asthma. Following is the discussion on each of these categories of asthma and the measures to be taken to treat them...

Asthma and Humidity


Any factor that exerts pressure on lungs triggers asthma symptoms in asthma patients. There are many different causative agents for asthma. Basing on the causative agents, asthma is generally classified as the extrinsic asthma and the intrinsic asthma. Humidity is the culprit for intrinsic asthma. Let’s see how humidity exerts its influence over asthma symptoms. The main enemies for people with...

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