Diagnosis and Treatment of Gallstones


Diagnosis Ultrasound is a sensitive diagnosis tool and can detect nearly 90 percent of stones in your gallbladder. It also offers excellent visualization of the gallbladder wall thickness and the condition of ducts, which can also help doctors to detect infection (cholecystitis). When the handheld device is glided over your abdomen, sound waves bounce off very well on solid objects, such as...

Foods You Should Not Eat With Gallstones


In the United States alone is estimated that perhaps as many as 20 million people are suffering from gallstones at any given moment. While some people have an all out attack which requires surgery in many cases, other people, even though they have gallstones, never experience any symptoms whatsoever. Whether you are a silent sufferer or a person who is extremely aware of a gallbladder problem...

Gallstone Symptoms


Gallstones are crystalline bodies formed in the body by accretion or concentration of compounds found within normal bile. Gallstones can occur anywhere in the billary tree consisting of the gallbladder, small intestine, pancreas and bile duct among other areas. From here they can cause obstruction and mild discomfort ranging to intense pain. Gallstone symptoms will vary depending on their size...

Diet Advice for Gallstones


Gallstones are crystalline bodies that are formed in the body through the concentration of compounds normally found in bile. These ‘stones’ can therefore form anywhere within the billary tree, including the gallbladder, pancreas, bile duct and small intestine. Depending on the size and location they can then cause either an obstruction or discomfort ranging to acute and intense pain. Made from...

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