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Are There 99 Million Colors You Don't Know About?


The average human being can see and differentiate a million different colors. Although none of us could give names to all of these colors, the number is mathematically derived from the physiology of how we perceive color. All humans have specialized cells in the retinas of their eyes called cones. Most of us have three types of cones, each of which is triggered by certain wavelengths of light...

Color Blindness Treatment


The term color blindness is generally used to refer to instances where people have difficulties observing the contrast between different colors. Often this will be the difference between two specific colors – a famous example of this being Mark Zuckerberg who designed the Facebook entirely in blue due to a red-green color blindness. This is the most common form of color blindness, though there...

Explore the Causes of Color Blindness


Visualize watching a particular color and yet not identifying it. Color blindness is somewhat of a mysterious ailment that usually goes unnoticed, until the affected individual gets involved in an alarming disagreement with someone over certain colors. Interestingly, that’s how most victims realize about the existence of this ailment in their lives. Basically, color blindness is a vision...

Facts About Color Blindness


Achromatopsia or color blindness is a condition that has an inability to recognize different shades of colors. There is also a condition called dyschromatopsia, which has disability to recognize certain colors. These two conditions is a congenital abnormality that is very rare to happen. Aside from congenital abnormality, this type of condition can progress as people gets older. Because the lens...

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