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The 10 Most Common Genetic Diseases


A genetic disease is a terrible thing – an illness that is written into your very biological code that it can be very difficult to avoid or sometimes even impossible. For parents this can mean giving birth to someone who will never be ‘well’ in the traditional sense, and no amount of exercise or healthy living can help that. The fortunate news is that genetic disorders are relatively uncommon...

Symptoms of Turner Syndrome


Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder witnessed commonly amongst girls. Reports suggest that one out of every 3000 girl falls prey to this ailment. The symptoms associated with this ailment do not showcase a uniform pattern amongst all the sufferers. The symptoms can be really mild or extremely fatal. Once infected, the victim tends to develop a learning problem, despite being blessed with normal...

Symptoms of Achondroplasia


Achondroplasia is a condition characterized by dwarfism. Basically, it’s a genetic disorder which occurs due to malfunctioning of some bodily functions. Because of the cartilage failure, our bones fail to attain the normal size. The most common symptom linked with achondroplasia is short stature. The average height of a male affected by this condition is said to be around 4 feet 4 inches, and an...

Are There Cures for Down Syndrome?


Down syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra ‘21st’ chromosome. This results in some distinct facial features along with impaired growth and cognitive abilities, often seeming to resemble those of a young child. Individuals with down syndrome also have shorter life expectancies and are generally more susceptible to various illnesses and conditions such as sleep apnea, ear infection, heart...

Fragile X Syndrome Behavior


Fragile X syndrome is also called as Martin-Bell syndrome. It is a kind of genetic disorder characterized by inherited mental retardation. This is a genetic abnormality where the mother acts as the carrier and transmits the disorder to the sons. The incidence of occurrence of this syndrome is 1 in 1000 to 2000 males but the frequency of the female acting as a carrier can be more. Males that are...

Treatment for Fragile X Syndrome


Fragile X syndrome is also called as Fragile X and is the most common hereditary form of mental retardation. The condition is a result of mutation in a single gene that is continuously passed from one generation to another. The condition is seen to occur in families of all ethnic groups and societies. The symptoms of the Fragile X syndrome appear as a result that the mutated gene is unable to...

Treatment for Down Syndrome


Down syndrome is a genetic abnormality wherein there is an extra chromosome 21, normally people only have two copies of this chromosome but in the case of Down syndrome there is the presence of a third copy of chromosome 21. In this present time, there is still no cure for this syndrome but treatments can be administered to manage the adversities or medical complications that are associated with...

Are You at Risk for Cystic Fibrosis?


Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease that is inherited and commonly affects the lungs, digestive system, pancreas, reproductive systems and the sinuses. It is also characterized by abnormality in the glands that is responsible to produce sweat and mucus. It is a fatal and progressive disease that affects mostly children and young adults who are prone to lung infections. Those who are diagnosed...

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