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How to Pass a Kidney Stone Easily


Individuals with kidney stones suffer with debilitating pain at the time of releasing the stone. Even though it appears as a very simple process of passing the stone through urine, it also causes severe pain when the stone starts its travel through the narrow passages of the ureters. Every kidney stone cannot be passed through the urine. After analyzing the kidney stones through imaging tests, if...

The Most Common Bladder Infection Symptoms


Bladder infection or Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that affects every part of the urinary system. Normal urine contains salts, waste, and liquids but does not contain bacteria. UTI is caused by bacteria that enters into the bladder and then multiplies. These bacteria are usually found in the intestines and often times on the skin surrounding the rectal and vaginal areas...

Kathryn Whittaker