Causes of Migraines


A migraine is an incredibly painful and highly debilitating headache that many of us experience from time to time. Tell anyone who understands that you have a migraine and you will instantly be greeted with sympathy and caution – they know how serious this is and how much space you need. What makes a migraine so inconvenient is the fact that it affects the very ability you have to think. Suffer...

Treatment for Acute Migraine


When managing a headache patient, pharmacologic is the only part of the entire regimen. Before prescribing a drug, it is important for the doctor to diagnose the patient properly, review the result of previous treatment, go over preferred therapeutic options (including non-pharmacologic ones), establish a good relationship with the doctor and reassure the patient to maintain his motivation and...

How to Cure Migraines Naturally


We see a great number of people complaining of migraine headaches. Migraine headaches are worse than the general headaches and people cannot spare to have them for a very long time. If you are not very sure whether you have a migraine attack or a general headache, here is a simple clue. Migraine headache is generally restricted to one side of the head and some people may have pain over one side...

Migraines in Children


Migraine is one of the most common diseases among children. Children also suffer from headache. Approximately 10% of children who go to nursery or kindergarten, and 50% of those who are going to grade are suffering or have suffered from migraines, recurrent headaches, accompanied by other symptoms. The excessive use of computer, video games and television, reconciled to a few hours of sleep, are...

Jonathan Pitts