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Causes and Symptoms of Exacerbating Congestive Heart Failure


Exacerbating congestive heart failure describes heart failure that is worsening. There are a number of symptoms that might suggest the problem is getting worse and a number of causes that may be responsible. If you can identify any of these signs, then you should seek to change the responsible behaviors as soon as possible. What Is Congestive Heart Failure The term ‘heart failure’ might sound...

Vegetable Oils Can Increase Risk of Death From Heart Disease


It is almost impossible to find a doctor who will not recommend that if we want to reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease and death from heart attack, we should try to eliminate as many saturated fats from our diet as possible and instead substitute them with polyunsaturated fats such as those found in most vegetable oils. However, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)...

Mediterranean Diet Proven to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease


Many dietitians and scores of books have touted the health benefits of following a Mediterranean diet for some years now, but it was only recently that scientific data has been published to back up their claims. The results of a large-scale 5-year study that was published by the New England Journal of Medicine has found that those who follow the Mediterranean diet have a 30 percent lower risk of...

Your Heart Health May Depend on How Stressed You Think You Are


Most cardiologists agree that there is a strong relationship between how stressed a person is and the state of their cardiac health; the more stress a person has in their life, the more likelihood there is that person will experience coronary heart disease (CHD). The exact nature of the relationship between stress itself and the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels that characterizes coronary...

Gazpacho May Lower Blood Pressure


There is nothing quite like the taste of a cool bowl of gazpacho to make you feel like you are sitting on the terrace of a sunny Spanish villa, enjoying a warm summer breeze. The flavors of vegetables picked ripe off the vine combine in a bowl to set your taste buds tingling. And now, with recent research that points to the benefits that gazpacho has in lowering blood pressure, you have even more...

High Blood Pressure More Likely to Go Undiagnosed in Young Adults


You’re still young, in your late teens or early twenties. And you feel healthy, with no obvious symptoms of any disease. Nevertheless, because you’re an intelligent person and want to be proactive with regard to your health, you visit your doctor at least once a year. During those visits, the doctor always takes your blood pressure. So if the doctor hasn’t ever said anything...

An Apple a Day Keeps Bad Cholesterol Away


We have all heard the saying since early childhood, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While we may feel that this advice was just an old wives’ tale, there is actually a surprising amount of truth to the saying. It certainly can help you keep from having to make a visit to the cardiologist. A recent study published in the Journal of Functional Foods has found that eating an...

Would You Recognize the Signs of a Stroke?


Although stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States, and although over 140,000 die from stroke each year, the charitable organization Stroke Association says that 74% of the population wouldn’t go to a hospital if they experienced the symptoms of a stroke, because they wouldn’t know what those symptoms were. This is even more disturbing because stroke can be...

Lower Cholesterol Naturally


Although most people do what they can to keep their cholesterol levels as low as possible, many are not aware that cholesterol actually plays an important role in healthy functioning. Without cholesterol, our body’s cells would be at a serious disadvantage. Cholesterol builds and maintains cell walls and is important in regulating their permeability, allowing nutrients in and keeping toxins out...

Non-Stick Cookware Chemical Linked to Cardiovascular Disease


Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a manmade chemical commonly used in the manufacture of non-stick cookware, polishes and lubricants, paper and textile coatings, food packaging materials and many household products. Surveys have shown that PFOA is so pervasive that its presence is detectable in the blood of 98% of Americans, so it was already something to be concerned about. New research has...

Juliette Siegfried, MPH

Juliette Siegfried, MPH

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