Would You Recognize the Signs of a Stroke?


Although stroke is the third leading cause of death in the United States, and although over 140,000 die from stroke each year, the charitable organization Stroke Association says that 74% of the population wouldn’t go to a hospital if they experienced the symptoms of a stroke, because they wouldn’t know what those symptoms were. This is even more disturbing because stroke can be...

More Good News About Stroke Treatment and Prevention


Following up on a previous article (Hopeful Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Strokes), here is more information on the progress being made in the treatment and prevention of stroke, which kills more people worldwide every year than any other condition except heart disease. Treatment using NA-1 A safety trial published in the medical journal Lancet Neurology helps to clear the path for...

Hopeful Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Strokes


Stroke kills more people worldwide every year than any other disease or condition except heart disease. According to the World Health Organization, it accounts for 10.8% of all deaths. And on many levels, dying from a stroke is sometimes a better deal than surviving one. Over 70% of stroke victims cannot perform the work they did before the stroke, and 33% need professional help just to live...

Numbness in Arm – Symptom of a Heart Attack


Heart attacks are one of the number one killers of both women and men in the Western world. As such people are rightly scared of heart attacks and reports of a heart attack are very commonly made to the emergency services. While it is highly important to report any case where you worry you might be experiencing a heart attack (it is better than to waste their time and be wrong than it is to not...

Early Heart Attack Symptoms in Women


Heart attacks it seems are mainly expected to affect men which leaves women feeling less susceptible and more confident that they won’t experience one. This can actually be a very destructive belief then if the individual does suffer a heart attack and can lead them to write off early heart attack symptoms in women as something else less threatening. The reason for this belief and the subsequent...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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