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Stepped on a Rusty Nail? Do You Need a Tetanus Shot?


So if you’re stepped on a rusty nail and it has broken your skin, what do you do? You may have heard that you need to get a shot to help you protect against it. But how recent does your injection need to have been? And what happens if you don’t get one in time? What Is Tetanus? Tetanus is a bacterial disease that affects the nervous system and which can be fatal. Tetanus has the ability to enter...

What to Eat to Recover From Food Poisoning


Food poisoning is a seriously unpleasant experience and one that can leave you feeling incredibly drained and tired. This is caused by eating contaminated foods, which will then trigger vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. Normally, this will pass after a couple of days but it can still take a while to feel ready to face rich foods. Understandably, you might also be feeling a little burned by food and...

Typhoid Fever Treatment


Typhoid fever, often abbreviated to just ‘typhoid’ and known by other names such as ‘gastric fever’ and ‘pythogenic fever’, is an illness which is spread via the ingestion of food and water contaminated with faeces from another infected individual (this contains the bacterium Salmonella enterica). Thanks to modern sanitization techniques its prevalence has been...

Breastfeeding With Staph Infection


A staph infection is caused by the staphylococcus virus – the same virus that causes MRSA and that exists on the skin of around 30% of healthy adults without causing any symptoms. When an area of skin becomes broken or inflamed, it can then get inside the wound and cause a range of symptoms and conditions often resulting in the death of nearby tissue through skin infections such as cellulitis...

How to Kill Staph Germs


The staphylococcus virus is a highly contagious type of bacteria that is responsible for the famous ‘hospital bug’ MRSA. The bug exists on the skin of 30% of healthy adults showing no symptoms, but then can cause a variety of effects when it comes into contact with broken skin or open wounds. Here it can cause a number of symptoms and cause a range of infections such as cellulitis and...

What Happens If You Get Salmonella?


Salmonella is a type of bacterial infection. There are several different kinds of salmonella bacteria, however the most common type which causes food poisoning is known as non-typhoidial salmonellae. This particular form of salmonella bacteria resides in the intestinal tracts of animals and humans. Generally, people become ill with this bacterial infection after exposure to foods which have been...

Types of Tetanus


Tetanus, also sometimes known as ‘lockjaw’, is a condition that results in the contraction of skeletal muscle causing the individual to experience pain, tightness and to generally seize up. The name lockjaw comes of cause from the fact that tetanus can likewise cause the jaw specifically to lock making it hard to speak. Infection normally comes through the contamination of a wound...

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