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5 Every Day Habits That Are Bad for Your Teeth and Oral Health


Taking care of your teeth and your oral hygiene is not simply a matter of brushing well and frequently. This is only four minutes of your day, and really what will dictate the health of your teeth much more is the way you spend the rest of your days in between those periods. And often looking after the health of your teeth is just as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do...

Nine Foods That Will Improve Your Oral Health


Having the best possible oral health is not just about cleaning your teeth and using mouthwash/floss. While these are important ways to improve the appearance of your teeth and to reduce bacteria in your mouth, they are still only one part of the equation. Just as important, or even more important, is that you strengthen your health generally in order to make your teeth stronger and to help your...

5 Important Tips for Dental Surgery Aftercare


Getting a tooth pulled is no-one’s idea of a fun time. It smarts, you bleed all over the chair and it leaves you with a life-time fear of dentists that won’t just go away. But unfortunately there’s more bad news… You’re not out of the woods yet! For a little while after having your tooth out you’re still going to be sore, you’re still going to be bleeding...

Pulpitis Treatments


Pulpitis is a condition where the dental pulp becomes inflamed, dental pulp being a substance in the center of the tooth made up of connective tissue and cells. This then causes sensitivity to hot and cold foods or very sweet foods and in some cases a chronic throbbing pain. Usually it is caused by dental caries that can penetrate through the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth to reach the...

How Do Whitening Toothpastes Work? And Are They Worth the Extra Expense?


Choosing the best toothpaste these days can be something of a nightmare and leave you with the condition that psychologists call ‘options paralysis’. In other words, you’ll be forced to choose between tooth whitening toothpastes, toothpastes that strengthen your enamel, toothpastes that are good for your breath and toothpastes that are ‘antibacterial’. That’s...

What to Do If You Have Sensitive Teeth


If you suffer from sensitive teeth then this can be a highly frustrating and invasive problem. While this is by no means a serious issue and is nothing to worry about, it can nevertheless cause you a lot of discomfort and more importantly make it difficult to enjoy your meals. Sensitive teeth can be affected by a number of factors such as temperature and sugar content, and this means that many of...

Treating Bruxism


Grinding your teeth during the night is something that many people do in response to stress, though they may not even necessarily be aware of it. If you wake up regularly in the morning feeling like you haven’t gotten much sleep, with achy teeth or an achy jaw, or if you experience migraines and headaches – then tooth grinding may just be to blame. Obviously none of these symptoms are...

Geographic Tongue Treatment


Geographic tongue, also known as ‘benign migratory glossitis’, is an inflammatory condition that presides on the tongue and that affects around 2% of the general population. The main symptom is discoloration of the taste buds, along with sometimes cracks in the tongue. These protrusions are called ‘papillae’ and appear across the top of the tongue as red patches with...

Gum Infection


A gum infection is an unpleasant but common problem in which a viral infection affects the tissue of the gums. Also sometimes called gum disease, this can result in a number of symptoms including potentially the loss of teeth. Fortunately, if you spot a gum infection early on there are various forms of treatment that can help you to overcome it – both home remedies and medication that will be...

Braces Food Guide — Foods to Avoid With Braces


If you took the decision to have braces then good on you – doing so will have ensured that your teeth grow as straight as possible and that you end up with straight and even teeth. While you might go through a little discomfort now, and while they might not look all that attractive, in the long run it is certainly going through a months or years of that if it means you end up with an ideal set of...

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Adam Sinicki

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