Help! I Have Bad Breath!


We all occasionally have bad breath. Because we are largely incapable of detecting it ourselves, we become aware of this when friends tip us off with subtle clues, like backing up when speaking to us and standing several feet further away. Or, if they’re really friends, when they say something like, “Dude. Mouthwash time. Right now.” But there are things we can do both to treat...

List of Foods That Cause Bad Breath


Bad breath, known technically as halitosis, is an ailment that affects many of us and which can be very difficult and embarrassing to live with. Bad breath as we know is characterized by pungent and unpleasant smelling breath which can be embarrassing every time we open our mouths to talk. When it’s very severe it can be enough to stifle our progress at work, and can certainly affect our...

Bad Breath After Tooth Pulled


If you use the following words in a Google search: bad breath after tooth pulled, you will quickly discover that your search doesn’t result in a lot of sites about halitosis. It results in a lot of dentistry sites. This might seem self evident – after all, you’ve just had a tooth extracted. On the other hand, bad breath is such a common problem that many many people have it...

Metallic Smell Bad Breath


Halitosis smells like hydrogen sulfide, the smell of rotten eggs. That is, it usually smells like that, although other unpleasant or unusual odors can be noted, and when there is a metallic smell bad breath is probably due to something a little more unusual. Most people would not describe the odor of halitosis as metallic; however, the individual suffering from the condition might describe it...

Bad Breath Out of Nose


Halitosis (bad smelling breath) usually comes from the mouth because that’s where it’s produced: bad breath out of nose passages may be sign that something more complicated is going on. Most sources agree that the hydrogen sulfide smell so typical of halitosis is caused by the production of volatile sulfur compounds by bacteria living in the moth. When air is expelled from the mouth...

Bad Breath in Throat


Most bad breath, or halitosis, originates in the mouth, specifically at the back of the tongue – if you sense bad breath in throat air, the problem may not really be halitosis at all. The rotten egg smell that we associate with halitosis is the smell of sulfur compounds. These sulfur compounds are produced by bacteria that are living in the mouth and breaking down proteins for nutrients...

R. Drysdale