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The Link Between Fibromyalgia and Stress


Fibromyalgia is a highly unpleasant condition characterized by constant pain, lethargy and low mood. It can have a devastating impact on the quality of life of a patient and unfortunately there is currently no known cure. That said however, there are a number of different treatments that can make living with fibromyalgia easier and new research is constantly shedding more light on the condition...

Sleeping With Shoulder Pain Made Easy


While it can be difficult to sleep with any pain in your body, shoulder pain can be particularly frustrating because you may not be able to lie down in your regular sleeping position. When you can’t get into the position that you’re used to, you are left with a double problem. You are not only having to deal with shoulder pain but must also deal with the fact that you can’t get...

Foot and Ankle Tendonitis: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment


Many of us carry around aches and pains that we don’t fully understand and it’s not uncommon for us to simply accept that our feet hurt at times, or that we experience discomfort when we walk. In truth though, no one should have to live in pain and the human body should be perfectly capable of rectifying any and all discomfort. If you find yourself struggling to move around freely, then you...

Peroneal Tendonitis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons and this can affect a wide number of different regions around the body leading to swelling and discomfort. If you find you are suffering from pain in your legs or anywhere else in your body, then tendonitis might well be the cause. In this post, we will be examining the causes, symptoms and treatment for peroneal tendonitis in particular. This affects the...

How to Strengthen Your Bones


When you think of increasing your strength, chances are that you’ll focus predominantly on muscular strength. And we all know how to go about developing this kind of power. Subject yourself to lifting heavy weights and this in turn will create tiny ‘microtears’ in the muscle fiber. Do this enough and the muscle comes back bigger and stronger. But muscle is only one part of the equation. If you...

Things to Try for Stubborn Joint Pains


Joint pains can be highly frustrating. Whether they affect your knee, your shoulder or your back; losing mobility is no laughing matter and can prevent you from pursuing the activities you enjoy or even just moving around freely and without pain. For these reasons, it’s very important to address any stubborn joint pains you might have and not to just ‘ignore them’ as so many of...

Ingrown Toenail Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Ingrown toenails form when our toenails grow into the skin surrounding the nail bed and thus create open wounds. This can occur as a result of a trauma to the toe, to the continuous use of overly tight footwear or congenitally rounded toenails that sink into the toe on either side. Other causes include sweaty feet which can soften the toe and poorly cut nails. Try to avoid cutting your nails too...

Training Your Tibialis Anterior to Treat Shin Splints


Shin splints is the name of a condition that often afflicts runners. Here, pain is felt in the shins whenever running or walking long distances, which is often experienced as a shooting pain through the front of the lower leg. It’s a frustrating condition because it can prevent further running, thus ending a training routine or your enjoyment of a hobby. Fortunately, there are various ways...

What Is Bursitis? And How to Treat It


Bursitis describes inflammation of one or more ‘bursae’, which in turn are small sacs of fluid lined by synovial membrane. The role of bursae (or a ‘bursa’ in the singular) is to provide a ‘cushion’ between bones, tendons and muscles around joints and thereby to reduce friction and impact. It achieves this by secreting lubricating synovial fluid, which is a...

How to Fix Your Posture (Kyphosis/Hip Tilt) With Exercise and Lifestyle Changes


I must confess: when I used to see any article with the word ‘posture’ in the title my eyes would glaze over. This is boring stuff, right? I eat healthily so I’ll feel good and lose weight. I get vitamins and minerals to avoid getting ill. And I work out so that I can build awesome strength and physical ability, and maybe a little bit so that I can look buff and intimidating...

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Adam Sinicki

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