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How to Prevent Runners' Knee


Along with shin splints, bad knees are perhaps the biggest bugbears for most runners. Often knee injuries can end up completely halting a running career even, or if that doesn’t happen they can end up taking all the joy out of physical exercise. And it should be fun. But going for a run doesn’t have to mean putting the health of your knees at risk. In fact, often these issues are...

How to Tell If You're Flat Footed (And What to Do About It)


Being ‘flat footed’ means that you have collapsed arches in your feet. In other words, where there should be a raised arch taking your feet off of the floor there is none and instead your foot lies completely flat against the ground. For many people, being flat footed will not cause any issues and can often be left untreated. For others, it can cause discomfort and can be a limiting...

Why Do I Have Sternum Pain While Doing Bench Presses?


The bench press is perhaps the most popular exercise among bodybuilders and power lifters. It’s simple to perform, it’s highly effective (and a compound movement meaning it affects many muscle groups) and it’s a great measure of strength that can be used to compare overall strength and measure gains. As such then, it’s highly frustrating when something stops you from being...

Meniscus Tear Rehab Exercises


A meniscus tear is a common injury in sports and is a rupture of the fibrocartilage strips in the knee known as the menisci. Often this is simply referred to as ‘torn cartilage’ and can occur as a result of walking, squatting or through trauma if you are kicked in the knee or fall over. In other cases damage can occur simply over time and this is called a ‘degenerative...

Knee VMO Exercises


If you find yourself in rehabilitation for a knee injury, then your physiotherapist will probably recommend a range of different exercises to help you strengthen the joint and prevent further injury. To this end, one of the most important areas you will probably be attempting to stretch and train will be the VMO – or the ‘Vastus Medialis Obliquus’ which is one of the four muscle...

How to Strengthen the Knee Joints


The knee joints are a rather complicated network of ligaments and muscles and there is a lot that can go wrong with these at any point. At the same time they are also subject to a lot of wear and tear having to bear the brunt of a lot of pressure and impact when we run, walk, change direction or even just squat down. As such then it’s little wonder that it’s so common for us to...

Stretches for Runners' Knee


Runners’ knee is a term that describes a number of different knee conditions rather than anything specific. Of course what makes a knee condition ‘runners’ knee’ then is the fact that it’s caused by the constant high impact caused by running regularly which often creates ‘tracking problems’ where the knee cap doesn’t follow correctly over the joint...

Torn Muscle Treatment


Tearing a muscle is a relatively common injury among athletes and bodybuilders, though it can also afflict us mere mortals. This is a painful problem that can leave you with a limited movement and strength and which can get in the way of normal activity until it heals. Here we will look at what it is, what it means for you and how to treat it. What Is a Torn Muscle? A torn muscle is basically...

What Is Plantar Fasciitis and Why Should I Know About It?


Chronic foot pain is…well…a pain. It can turn the simple act of walking – one of the benefits we take for granted as a result of being bipedal and walking on two feet – into excruciating agony. 75% of Americans experience foot pain at some point in their lives, which is understandable because feet are complicated. Each one contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and 126 assorted muscles, ligaments, and...

How to Feed Your Bones


Yes, your bones. When we think of the benefits of proper nutrition, we tend to think of the things that we need to keep our hearts, muscles, internal organs, and brains healthy. But our bones need nourishing, too. Scientists have long known that vitamin D and calcium are important building blocks for bone health, and important nutrients for fighting the onset of osteoporosis and avoiding the risk...

Juliette Siegfried, MPH

Juliette Siegfried, MPH

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