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What to Do When Your Teenager Rebels


Few experiences test your patience like living with a rude and sullen teenager. Indeed, those who have never done so would be astonished by how unpleasant some can be. In fact, many could be no worse if they tried! Problems The more you understand your surly little monster, the better. And this is something with which many parents struggle. What happened to that sweet little girl who snuggled up...

Moving Out of Home for the First Time


Moving out of home for the first time is at once frightening and highly exciting. On the one hand you are finally getting all of the freedom to decorate how you want, have guests whenever you want and come in at any time in the morning without worrying about waking up the folks. At the same time though you are losing that security blanket that you’ve probably come to rely on, and you will...

Signs of Puberty in Females


Puberty is something of a double edged blade when we are growing up. On the one hand it means more responsibilities and greater freedom, but on the other it can mean more pressure and more expectation. Furthermore while it can result in many favourable physical features that make you seem more mature and more attractive, it can also result in several less pleasant symptoms such as hair in...

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