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Is Your Cat Pregnant?


When a cat becomes pregnant this is a very exciting time. There are few things cuter than a family of kittens, and few things that will bring you close to your feline friend than being present during the miracle of life. Making preparations and finding some suitable buyers/homes is important here, but knowing whether your cat is pregnant or not is not always easy and can be confusing even for...

How to Stop Cat Urinating on Bed


One of the nicest aspects of having a cat for many people is getting something furry and cuddly to sleep with, and while we might moan about them biffing our ears and biting our toes in the night, actually we also tend to find it sweet, endearing and comforting. Obviously the easiest way to stop a cat urinating on the bed is to simply take them out of the bedroom and shut the door, but for the...

Looking After Horses in Winter


Keeping horses has many advantages in terms of your property and the ease of doing it. Of course in some ways it’s more challenging – you need to have the money to rent some space for them or to just have enough land to keep them; but at the same time it means you don’t have all the concerns dog owners have such as wee on the carpet or your furniture being unthreaded. However what you will likely...

Claw and Nail Disorders in Dogs: Brittle, Cracked Nails


Claw and nail disorders are a big problem in dogs for whom the nail is a rather important implement. For us nails serve only to protect our sensitive finger tips, but for dogs they are useful for digging and for tearing up meats and toys. Your dog will also be constantly placing weight on their nails whenever they are standing or running, and this then can cause them a lot of pain and discomfort...

Homemade Dog Repellents


Got a fear of dogs? While these are man’s best friend you are no doubt not alone in that fear, as these are still ultimately animals with large spikey teeth, lots of muscle and sharp claws. At the same time, even if you aren’t afraid of dogs, you may still not necessarily want them urinating on your plants, leaving presents in your front drive or trying to eat your hamster so there are lots of...

Why Is My Dog Not Eating?


For most of us, our dogs are not the most discriminating food critics. On the contrary, most dogs will eat literally anything that is presented to them, and quite a lot of things that aren’t. Dead birds, manure, dog food, cups of tea, human food, bones, insects, grout, dirt… you name it. For most of us no trip to the kitchen is made alone without our dog following us close behind. So when this...

Feline Eye Infections


Dogs are more known for their eye infections than are cats, but that doesn’t mean that your feline friend is necessarily off the hook. The majority of eye problems in cats are caused by eye infections, and this is known as ‘feline uveitis’. This can be very distressing for your cat, and in turn for the owner, so here we will look at how to identify, diagnose and treat the...

Deworming Dogs and Puppies


Keeping your dog happy and healthy is an important responsibility. After all a dog should be your best friend, and as you may also recall a ‘dog is for life’ not just for Christmas. At the same time though keeping your dog healthy and well is important for your sake and your family’s sake too. If your dog has worms then this means it has a parasite that can be seen in its stool...

Cataracts in Dogs


Watching your dog grow old can be a heart breaking experience. Your dog has been your best friend for many years, but now the lively puppy you remember is a memory and instead you have a dog who is riddled with aches and pains and prefers to spend his days lying by the fire rather than chasing rabbits. One of the common side effects for dogs who are growing old is cataracts. If your dog has...

Cloning Pets


Will we one day be able to clone our pets? It sounds like a question for science fiction, but actually the answer is quite simply a resounding ‘yes’ – and in fact we already have. The good news is for those who can’t bear the thought of being separated from their pets, that it’s actually already possible to clone pets and it’s already commercially available – but you...

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Adam Sinicki

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