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Guard Dog Training Basics


A dog is man’s best friend, a great companion and a tone of fun – but they can also serve some great helpful purposes and make life easier for you as a result. Sheep dogs demonstrate this well and make life much easier for farmers, while guide dogs give blind individuals the ability to head outside with confidence. So what can your dog do for you? Well potentially you could train your dog...

Siberian Husky Training Tips


Siberian huskies are large proud looking dogs that look most like their ancestors – the wolf. They are sprightly, energetic and good natured and are also highly intelligent being able to often excel in obedience trials. Thus they are the perfect dogs for training and teaching new behaviours. Here we will look at how to go about achieving this. Stage 1: Going Through the Motions First of all it is...

Training Your Shih Tzu Not to Bite


Most dog trainers seem to be of the common opinion that Shih Tzus are among some of the hardest dogs to train. While some dogs can learn tricks almost immediately, these dogs tend to take months to learn one trick. This is not to say that these dogs are stupid, they are just very stubborn and stuck in their ways. Shih Tzus enjoy being with people but like to choose the way they interact with them...

Housetraining for Shih Tzu Puppy


One of the most popular of all toy breed dogs is that little ball of energy, the Shih Tzu. While they are tiny and appear to be fragile, don’t let that fool you! A Shih Tzu is much heartier than you would believe and they are actually quite intelligent. They are loyal, lovable and extremely protective of their owners and as such make an excellent watchdog. There are few dogs as cute and cuddly as...

Dogs – Breaking Bad Habits


Bad behavior is a common occurrence in dogs, but just like any other bad habit as long as the owner is committed to trying to change his dog’s misbehavior it can be done. Bad behaviors need to be corrected as soon as possible because as more time passes there are less chances to undertake smooth training measures. There is no reason why an owner should allow his dog to misbehave, and postponing...

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