Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity


Infidelity can be one of the most devastating things to even happen within a marriage or other kind of committed relationship, and it can lead to the dissolution of a partnership quicker than most other experiences. Some things have to be set in order before partners can even begin trying to rebuild trust after such an experience. The infidelity must stop, for one thing, and the circumstances...

Can a Relationship Survive an Affair?


Ask a marriage guidance counsellor to list the questions they most often hear and somewhere near the top will be “can our relationship survive his (or her) affair?” Of course, there is no simple answer to this. Some relationships do survive, just. Others limp along for years in an atmosphere of bitterness and shame. For many, the pain is too great and they separate immediately. Often...

What to Do When You’ve Cheated on Your Partner


Cheating on a partner is of course a betrayal of trust and a terrible thing to do that will hurt them and damage your relationship beyond repair. As such, cheaters are often viewed as the bad guys or girls and as people who don’t deserve any sympathy or help. While this may or may not be true however, normally if someone cheats then they do it for a reason and it’s important to get to...

Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend


Internet dating is cool isn’t it? For the first time in our social history we have been given the ultimate tool for meeting people from around the world at no cost to ourselves and from the comfort of our homes. Sitting on a laptop you can be chatting away to just about anyone anywhere and the horizons that social media have opened up for us in terms of networking have tremendous benefits for...

How to Catch a Cheater – Cheater Revealing Keys That Will Make Everything Clear


Catching your partner cheating is something that no one ever wants to do. Despite this however, knowing how to find out if someone is cheating on you is a highly useful skill that can mean that you save yourself more pain further down the line. Like pulling off a plaster, the sooner you discover that you’re being cheated on, the sooner you can get past it and move forwards. Better than finding on...

The Fine Line Between Friendship and Emotional Cheating


It would be unnatural to form a close bond with only your partner and never get close to anybody else. We often have best friends, form close relationships with relatives and have people who we turn to when we want to give our partners a break, but how do we distinguish between getting close in friendship, and when someone takes it too far and it becomes cheating? One good indicator of when...

The 4 Danger Signs Your Wife Is About to Cheat on You


More than likely you’re not going to actually catch your wife or girlfriend cheating on you, but there are some little signs that you should pay attention to that may clue you in she is about to cheat. Perhaps you feel that things just aren’t quite right in your relationship, but you really cannot put your finger on anything particular. Well, she could be thinking about cheating. It...

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