How to Have a Civilized Divorce


When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that they were “consciously uncoupling” but remained good friends, it was greeted with much sniggering and ridicule. Yet, however irritating the phrase may have been, such a calm, even affectionate, divorce is possible. Of course, there are frequently good reasons for anger and hatred; abuse, neglect, and infidelity leave scars that last...

How to Have a Peaceful Divorce


Ask a therapist to list the most common traumas in an average person’s life and they will probably reply “divorce and bereavement”. Unfortunately, as with any trauma, those concerned tend to make things even more painful and drawn out than they need to be. The more sensible, rational, and moderate you can be – the more civilized in other words – the less pain will follow...

Coping With Your Parents' Divorce


While the trauma of parental separation can be experienced at any age, sympathy tends to be reserved for the young. If you are an adult, most people will assume that you are either too mature to be upset, or too old to care. In reality, being caught between warring parents is difficult no matter what your age. In some respects, it can be even harder on a 20 or 30-year-old than on a young child...

Best Way to Tell Your Kids About Divorce


Getting divorced is an extremely upsetting and distressing time. Here you find yourself alienated from and often even the subject of animosity of the partner who you once were completely in love with. You will be going through a time of incredible social and financial turmoil, and you will possibly lose your home, your extended family and even your friends in the split. All this is crushing, but...

Is Separation Last Resort?


Is your relationship with your husband or wife going through some hard times? Are you both thinking about getting divorced? Separation is not always the last resort so think about it very carefully because the regret afterwards is more then just painful. Try considering a few things I am listing below to repair what was lost in the relation and why is your partner unhappy or you are unhappy and...

Why Get a Divorce? Reasons to Get a Divorce and the Arguments Why You Shouldn't


Getting a divorce is a painful and upsetting process that is also stressful and financially crippling. Apart from anything else it will mean you lose a close relationship with your partner, who you will likely have been deeply in love with – enough to bind yourself to them for theoretical eternity. At the same time however it will also change many other aspects of the life you’ve come to know...

Avoid Divorce – Crucial Steps to Take When Avoiding Divorce


Divorce is terrible in a lot of ways. Not only is it obviously emotionally traumatic for both partners (leading to some choice words to be said in anger), as well as the children, it is also highly stressful and be dragged out to ruin years of your life. Finally it’s financially crippling and can damage other relationships within a family. For these reasons then it should be avoided at all costs...

Divorce Tactics for Men – Mutually Assured Destruction


Divorce is no walk in the park for anyone, and it’s something that everyone should do their best to avoid. For both parties it’s traumatic seeing a love and a friendship that was meant to last for ever falling apart at the seems and two people who once idolised each other now squabbling over every petty little matter. Even more is this the case if you have kids who will often be...

How to Divorce a Narcissist – Steps to Protect Yourself Financially


Narcissus is a character from Greek myth possessed of great vanity. Famously he was so enraptured by his own reflection in a pond that he found himself unable to move and withered away into a flower (of the same name), and it was this moral tale that inspired Freud in naming the personality type of the ‘Narcissist’ – a term that has now found its way into popular usage. First a little bit about...

Divorce Tips for Men – Don't Make These Common Mistakes


Divorce is always going to be ugly and unpleasant, but in many cases it needn’t be as destructive as it often becomes. By working with your partner instead of working against them, by reading up on all the relevant information regarding your divorce and by getting expert legal advice and counselling, you should be able to make everything go as smoothly as possible. Below are some things to avoid...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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