Considering Marriage Counseling – Here Are Some Important Questions to Ask


If you and your partner are going through a rough patch in your relationship, you may be considering marriage counseling. In many cases the intervention of a qualified marriage counselor can save the day, and many unhappy marriages have been turned around with the help of a qualified independent professional. Even so, not every marriage counselor will be up to the task, and it is important to...

How to Deal With Negative In-Laws


Having an in-law that constantly goes out of their way to cause hurt in either an emotional or a physical sense can seriously affect your marriage. You need to find some form of coping mechanism that enables you to not only protect yourself from their repeated attacks but also ensure that your marriage has a future. How to Avoid Conflict There are a number of things that you can do to avoid any...

Is He Marriage Material?


It is easy to get flustered and caught up in the excitement of the moment when your partner proposes, even if he doesn’t actually get down on one knee to do it. If you are proposed to in front of other people, for example during a romantic meal or at a family gathering the sense of expectation in the air and the pressure that you feel to say yes can be quite hard to ignore. But before you give...

Can Online Marriage Counselling Really Work?


If you’re struggling in your relationship, it’s important that you be willing to make the effort to fight for it. When the going gets tough in a marriage, it can be tempting to walk away – but this means throwing away not only your relationship but also your plans for the future, your lifestyle and so much more. Sure, the grass might look greener on the other side but the truth is that no...

How Does Being Married Affect Your Life?


If you’re planning on getting married, then you might well find yourself feeling a little anxious. While this is a very exciting time in many ways, it also marks a huge change in lifestyle and a big change to your identity. That’s before you even consider the stress of spending all that money on a huge wedding day… The question you might find yourself asking before you get married is: ‘how is...

Married With Children – Maintaining a Marriage After a Baby


Marriage is hard work in and of itself but add a baby to the mix and things are taken to a whole new level. Your marriage is bound to change when you bring your baby home (and often during the pregnancy), but that doesn’t mean that the fun and romance have to come to an abrupt halt. A little work along with some time and patience will have your marriage right back to the way it was, if not better...

Russian Life: Marriage Customs


Every culture has a different set of standards when it comes to things like marriage and the relationships between men and women. When it comes to Russian marriages, you will be looking at several days of festivities as this is considered one of the most sacred ceremonies among the Russian culture. There will be celebrations lasting for a minimum of two days, that being the typical time period...

Ideas to Make Your Wife Feel Special


So goes the old saying ‘happy wife – easy life’ – and most guys would agree that if they want to enjoy peace and quiet and good company that ensuring their partners are in a good mood is one of the very best strategies. Most of us want to please our wives deep down (if you’re honest with yourself) and few things bring us guys more joy than really spoiling our partner and making...

Reasons Why You Should Stay Married


Marriage is a highly complicated subject and many of us find we have differing opinions and differing experiences of entering into matrimony. Many of us consider marriage to be the ultimate state of happiness – the target that we worked much of our youth towards, and the romantic bonding of two souls so that we need never be alone. It is also of course the first step towards building a family and...

Why Won’t He Propose to Me? Getting Your Man to Pop the Question


90% of the time women get to be in control of a relationship and the man is almost always doing the chasing. It’s the man who generally asks the woman out, and it’s the man who asks if he can move on to third base, or if they can call the woman their girlfriend. This has nothing to do with sexism however, and contrary to popular belief nor is it a hangover from obsolete social structures. No, the...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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