Causes of Marriage Failure: Money, Sex, and Communication


Any relationship is hard and any relationship can lead to a range of arguments and difficulties. However when it comes to marriage all of these difficulties are exacerbated – which is a shame because the steaks are also exacerbated. Suddenly you have a lot more to lose – a break up now means potentially losing your home, it means legal and financial difficulties and it may mean putting the rest...

Average Time to Date Before Marriage


The question above could be put into a category along with questions such as “how long is a piece of string?” The answer will be different depending on who you ask and the circumstances leading up to the beginning of the relationship. As long as you believe that you know the other person well, and that you have been honest and open with them allowing them to know what you are really...

How to Get Along Better With Your Husband


Getting along with a partner – particularly a spouse – is something that sounds like it should be simple and easy bliss, but that is in fact often quite the opposite. When you live with someone and make a life with someone, suddenly even your most private thoughts and emotions start to effect the other person and your whole way of life needs to be congruent with another entirely different one...

How to Avoid a Boring Routine in Married Life


Being married can be blissful in so many ways. Snuggling up in bed with the person you love every morning and possibly having your children snuggling at the end of the bed with you can be the warmest and most comfortable feeling that we can get anywhere. At the same time being married is sexy – that person is entirely yours, bound to you, and can experiment sexually in so many more ways. A lot of...

Why Marriages End Up With Divorce?


Marriages are said to be made in heaven. Not everyone in this world would agree to this, especially those who intend to file a divorce case. Divorce is a painful decision, which is mainly caused due to some conflicts between married couples. It’s a harsh reality which is growing in numbers with every passing year. There are several causes of divorce that exist in our society. Let’s discuss the...

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