Six Reasons Not to Dread Middle Age


Many people dread the onset of middle age, seeing nothing ahead but a slow decline. “I am at the top of the hill,” they think, “and the only way is down.” And this negative view of middle age is constantly reinforced by everything from TV adverts to birthday cards. But there is more to middle age than receding hairlines, declining libido, and crippling mortgages...

Ageing Without Your Life Partner


When couples reach their 60s or 70s they begin to think of retirement. They have worked hard, saved their money and now plan to enjoy themselves. Then, without warning, illness or accident leaves one of them facing old age alone. Many both fear and resent this new situation. Self-Pity Of course, how you lose your partner makes a difference. For some, it happens suddenly. A woman kisses her...

Being Old and Alone


Few things disturb or frighten people so much as the prospect of being old and alone. Indeed, a great deal of human activity is directed towards avoiding such a fate. It is often the reason people stick with unhappy marriages, for example, have children they don’t really want, and continue working beyond retirement age. But old age and even physical isolation can bring happiness and joy as...

How Close Are We to Slowing the Ageing Process?


During an interview on the BBC’s Hardtalk show, anti-ageing researcher Aubrey de Grey was challenged by a journalist, who put it to him that in spite of the hype the experts cannot slow the ageing process by a single day – certainly not with any magic pill. And yet most science writers agree that such interventions will soon be possible. But if so, when? And what will the consequences be...

Common Miseries of Old Age and How to Avoid Them


Most people dread old age. They recall grandparents in their final years and shudder to think that it will soon be their turn. And yet so much of this suffering is self-inflicted. Everyone experiences problems, of course, and everyone ages and dies, but the process can be made a great deal less painful by a few simple changes. Ageing First, do not assume nothing can be done about the ageing...

How to Boost Your Energy Levels as You Age


The gradual loss of energy is one of the most unpleasant side effects of the ageing process. And it can be noticed at any age. Even a 30-year-old may complain that he no longer feels able to keep up with the younger guys at his soccer or boxing club. The middle-aged often say that, sandwiched between dependent parents and demanding teenage children, not to mention the stress of work, they barely...

How to Increase Your Healthy Lifespan


It is often said that a medical revolution will transform life in the 21st century. Some, like the British researcher Aubrey de Grey, even believe that ageing itself can be stopped. And he is not alone. Popular science writers like Michio Kaku take it for granted that the human lifespan is set to rise – perhaps spectacularly so. Unfortunately, many seem to think that this coming revolution gives...

Healthy Ageing – The Relationship Between Ageing and Depression


The ageing process can be difficult and upsetting and every stage, from adolescence to extreme old age, brings its own stresses and strains. Yet, while the physical effects of ageing are openly discussed, the psychological effects tend to be ignored. But those dreaded milestone birthdays can trigger all sorts of psychological problems. Throughout their lives, people are obliged to stand grinning...

Could Research on Astronauts Lead to Promising Treatments for Aging?


What do astronauts – those trim, elite space voyagers, exercised and trained to a level of physical fitness undreamed of by most of us – have in common with elderly people back on Earth? Would it surprise you to learn that it’s bone loss? The zero gravity of space flight and the microgravity of living on a space station are really hard on bones. Studies conducted on astronauts between the...

Fun Activities for Elderly People in Care Homes


Gone are the days when the highlight of the week was being able to sit at the watching window, catching a glimpse of the outside world that seemed so very far away. It was even said at one time that when you went to visit an elderly relative in a care home that you were never to mention the world outside, for fear that they would get upset. The only activities that were available for the elderly...

Laura Ginn

Laura Ginn

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