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How to Use Nail Varnish


Nail varnish is a great way to add more colour to your look, and a great way to draw attention to well manicured nails and slender fingers. At the same time it’s the only other place you can really add makeup and colour other than your face. With so many different colours and even interesting patterns and textures available, this is a great way to add a dash of colour and personality that you can...

Cure Dark Infected Toenails


Thick dark toenails are usually because of fungus. There are known home remedies for this situations so that you should not worry that much. But ofcourse, having dark infected toenails can be very disgusting especially when you are wearing slippers or sandals. Toenail fungus is often connected with discoloration of the toenail. You will usually experience a brown, yellowish and later on black...

How to Prevent Discolored Toenails


Having discolored toenails prevents you from exposing your foot freely even in those warm summer days. Discolored toenails are also manifested as a side effect for some underlying medical condition. Negligence of discolored toenails may result in complete loss of the nail. However, it is easy to prevent discolored toenails by taking the following simple measures. • Cut the toenails up to the...

The Basics of Stronger Fingernails


During ancient time fingernails is the basis for every individual’s personality. Until today, many people may judge you according to the status of your fingernails. If you have dirty or untidy fingernails people may judge you as a person who is happy go lucky and it can give a negative effect on your personality. This is very true for most women and also men that are getting more concerned about...

Manicure – Get Stylish and Healthy Nails


Manicure can be regarded as a treatment that is healthy and nutritious for your hands and overall hand appearance. Manicure is defined as the beauty treatment that is efficient for the nails and their growth and development. In the basic form and function it involves shaping, filing and filling of the nail texture and shape. Other types of manicure might involve some special treatments and...

Applying Nail Polish for Enhanced Looks


There a numerous and various different products out there in the market for you to purchase in order to have a better and attractive look. If you have a better personality, your thoughts are supposed to reflect it and the better you groom yourself, the more the chances will be for you to stand out in the crowd. This is the purpose which most of the beautification companies target these days...

How to Maintain French Manicured Acrylic Nails


Nail care is very important. It is still part of our basic beauty regimen. You have the choice of keeping your nails clean and look natural without any hint of nail polish. However, if you want a more stylish look to your nails, you can try to have French manicured acrylic nails. This look gives the nails some natural look with very pale pink base and white tips. • Maintaining these nails depend...

What Causes White Spots on Fingernails?


Everyone at some point of life has complaints of white spots on fingernails. Even though the problem is common, these marks have always remained a mystery because of the variation in the pattern of appearance. There are also a number of myths that surround these white spots on the fingernails. Usually, people suggest that the appearance of the white spots on the fingernails is a result of calcium...

How to Have Beautiful Hard Nails


Fingernails and toe nails are product of protein called Keratin. Its growth slows as one ages. A sudden change in the appearance, texture and color of the nails can be a sign of illness. Having healthy fingernails is not as hard as you think when you know you are eating the right diet; you don’t have to worry about your nails. Here are some tips that you can use to maintain healthy nails; • Keep...

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