How to Progress in the Weights Room Without a Spotter


Making progress in the gym is ten times easier if you have a spotter. Not only do spotters help to give you more motivation to keep pushing through those difficult reps, but they also help you to physically lift weights that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and act as a safety net in case you bite off more than you can chew and end up pinned under the weights. If you’ve ever trained...

The Top Mistakes That Newbies Make in the Gym


Being new to the gym is no fun. Make no mistake, this is a scary place when you’re just starting out and especially if you’re at all self-conscious. You’ll practically be able to feel the eyes of all the seasoned pros on you and when you don’t know what you’re doing this is hardly reassuring. Add the fact that the weights themselves are pretty scary looking and you...

The Power of Crawls for Developing Core Strength and Stability


The best exercises are those that don’t just improve one aspect of our health but rather can be used to improve wellbeing in several areas. The squat is great for this for instance: not only does it obviously strengthen the legs, but because you’re working the largest muscles in the body in a ‘compound fashion’ it’s also highly effective at stimulating a hormonal...

The Top Weightlifting and Nutrition Mistakes That Even Great Bodybuilders Are Making


Contrary to popular belief, bodybuilders – especially the successful ones – are not generally ‘meatheads’. Instead, they tend to be highly intelligent, well-read and generally experts on all matters of their health and biology. In order to develop competition winning physiques, they need to know their nutrition and training. But while most bodybuilders know their stuff, that...

Why Foam Rolling Is Useful for Athletes and Workouts


If you’ve been in a gym recently, then you will no doubt have noticed the relatively new trend of foam rolling. This is basically the process of using a ‘foam roller’ (no kidding!) in order to smooth out muscle tissue and other ‘soft tissue’ – which includes things like tendons and ligaments. This in turn is in order to reduce discomfort, prevent injury and improve...

Training the Posterior Chain for Maximum Power and Injury Prevention


If you’re looking to build strength and power while preventing injuries, then making sure to put some focus on training your posterior chain is an absolute must. If you’re currently scratching your head wondering what precisely the posterior chain is, then you need this article… Essentially, your posterior chain is the group of muscles, tendons and ligaments across the posterior –...

The Best Kettlebell Exercises for Muscle Gain and Weight Loss


If your aim is body recomposition, then you will do no better than to get yourself a kettlebell or two. Period. Kettlebells for the uninitiated, are essentially weights but shaped differently from barbells or dumbbells. These are heavy balls of iron with a single rounded handle attached to the top, like a teapot without the spout. What makes the kettlebell an interesting piece of training...

Is CrossFit Safe? Why the New Fitness Trend Has Such a Bad Reputation and Whether or Not it Deserves


CrossFit is the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to fitness and is currently enjoying a huge amount of success and attention. Much like the new kid at school, when that kid just happens to be highly popular. Bodybuilders and runners meanwhile are left feeling like old news. ‘Video killed the radio star’ and all that… Unfortunately however, not all of this attention has...

Muscle Ups – Are They Worth It?


When it comes to ‘party trick’ exercises, there are few quite so showy as the muscle up, this is a dramatic demonstration of not only strength but also agility and body composition. Being able to perform this movement shows that you are light, agile and full of explosive power. But is it all show and no go? Is this exercise useful for anything other than impressing other people in the gym? What...

The Crossfit Workout You Can Do at Home


Crossfit is a controversial word in the world of fitness and muscle building. While many people absolutely love crossfit and swear by it as the ‘holy grail’ of training (actually getting pretty evangelical about it even), others treat it with distrust at best and disdain at worst. The controversy comes from the fact that you need hardly any formalised training in order to open up a...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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