What Is Torula Yeast?


Torula yeast is a specific type of yeast that is more technically known as candida utilis. This is now a popular food additive but has also been the subject of some controversy… What Is Torula? Yeasts are a type of fungi, which means that they’re actually living single cell organisms. As you likely know from drinking alcohol, yeasts are useful for converting starches and sugars into other things...

What Is a TBHQ Preservative?


TBHQ is the considerably more memorable and catchy name for tertiary butylhydroquinone. This is a fat preservative that can be added to dog food in order to improve its shelf life. Unfortunately though, it may be somewhat unhealthy for your pup and many experts now recommend avoiding it where possible. What’s worse is that it also finds itself in a number of human foods where it is no less...

Health Benefits of Oolong Tea


When many of us think of tea, we will think in terms of either black tea or green tea. However, there are actually many ‘shades’ of tea that don’t fall so neatly into either of these camps and one of these is ‘Oolong tea’. Oolong tea finds itself somewhere between green and black tea as it is only partially fermented. Don’t pigeon hole tea! The result is a tea that has less of the ‘grassy’ taste...

What Are the Health Benefits of Thyme Tea?


It’s tea time! Thyme tea time! About time for thyme tea time! Fun homonyms aside, thyme tea has a number of health benefits that’s earning itself a place in an increasing number of mugs. Thyme is a herb you’re likely familiar with from cooking. It comes from the mint family and can be used to complement poultry, lamb, veal, fish, chowders and more. But it’s far more versatile than even its range...

Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?


Green tea has many impressive health benefits, is used as a key ingredient in ‘fat burners’ and is generally lauded for its antioxidant effects. One of the biggest reasons that green tea is so popular though, is that it is widely thought to be caffeine free. As it happens though, this isn’t actually entirely accurate… Types of Green Tea For starters, there is far more than one type of green tea...

The Truth About Caffeine: How it Really Affects Your Brain and Body


It seems that the vast majority of the Earth’s population – myself included – have been content to consume large quantities of a neuroactive drug without really knowing what it’s doing or how it works. All of us are hooked, to the extent that we often roll out of bed experiencing withdrawal and can’t function until we get it. It sounds like something out of science fiction, but...

What’s the Healthiest Way to Have Your Coffee?


The effects of caffeine on our health for better or worse is a topic that is hotly debated and somewhat controversial. While many people still swear on their morning coffee to get them going, some are now saying that caffeine is only good for combating a caffeine withdrawal and that we’d actually be more alert and creative without it (1). But putting the effects of caffeine on our brain to...

Bulletproof Coffee Review – For Weight Loss and Concentration


Putting butter in coffee appears to be the latest craze across the web and there are a huge number of fans who enthusiastically promote its benefits and recommend it to anyone who will listen. It sounds pretty rich, but does it really have the health benefits that it’s purported to have? And where precisely did this strange idea come from? What Is Bulletproof Coffee? The idea of putting...

Kombucha Health Benefits


In China, kombucha tea is sometimes known as ‘the immortal health elixir’ which might lead one to the conclusion that it’s good for us; and while it might not be quite the Holy Grail (immortality is a stretch), it certainly does have some promising health effects. The drink is made from sweetened tea that is then fermented using symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (known as a...

Health Benefits of Red Wine


We’ve all heard it said that red wine is good for us, and that a ‘glass a day keeps the doctor away’, but the more cynical among us may also have been a little bit dubious of this claim. While it might sound very nice, and certainly be something we want to believe, we also know that alcohol isn’t particularly good for us and particularly for our livers, and as such we might suspect that all of...

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Adam Sinicki

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