An Introduction to Micro and Macro Nutrients for a Better Understanding of Your Diet


The major food groups we consume can be broken down into two main categories: macronutrients and micronutrients. These are terms you might have heard thrown around in the past, but perhaps you’re unsure what they mean? Here we will look at what the difference is, and at what implications this has for your health and what you should be eating. Macronutrients The macronutrients are...

Sweet Potatoes: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts


At this current point in time, sweet potatoes are very much ‘in vogue’. That is to say, that they are highly popular among a number of health bloggers and other online health gurus and have seen a big boost in sales as a result. Hipsters like sweet potatoes, just as they like quinoa and coconut oil. But are they worth all the hype? And how are they any different from regular potatoes? Why...

The Top Benefits of Grass-Fed Food


When thinking about nutrition you can get pretty deep thinking about all the factors that ultimately result in how healthy your diet is and how much you’re going to benefit from it. The rabbit hole goes as deep as you want it to and if you aren’t careful you can get lost in a sea of health advice and quackery… For example, you might spend a lot of time thinking about what you eat… but...

Chia Seeds – Health Benefits and Uses


‘Fad foods’ that claim to give you amazing health benefits overnight are often overrated and disappointing. That’s not to say that they never work – coconut oil in particular is something I now use most mornings for a little energy boost and it truly seems to have a noticeable effect. The problem though, is that people expect miraculous things from these ingredients forgetting...

How to Reduce Calories Without Counting Them


The most straightforward and only guaranteed way to lose weight is to reduce your calories so that you are consuming fewer than you are burning off. In other words, the more you exercise and the less you eat, the more you will strip away fat and gradually get towards your target physique. As it turns out, low carb diets appear to be more effective than low fat diets and there are various other...

Can You Eat Chocolate Guilt Free? The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


Imagine if there was a type of chocolate you could eat that was good for you: if indulging in your favourite snack could actually be more beneficial than detrimental to your health. That my friend is what many people would describe as ‘the dream’. Well as it turns out, it’s not just a dream at all. Dark chocolate, while still delicious and comforting, actually is very good for...

The Impressive Health Benefits of the Humble Pineapple


Pineapple is one of the most surprising superfoods out there. You’ve probably eaten it occasionally in the past and been completely unaware of just how effective it is for a range of health benefits. It’s not super expensive like manuka honey, and it isn’t an herb used for centuries by indigenous tribes (as most of these treatments tend to be). Nevertheless though, pineapple...

Are Protein Bars Worth It?


Protein shakes are a great tool for bodybuilders and other athletes looking to increase their protein intake. If you’re looking to increase the strength and/or size of your muscles, then the research today points to consuming at least around one gram of protein for each pound of body weight (here). This can actually get quite expensive and be rather time consuming if you’re going to...

Will Insects Be the Next Big Source of Protein in Our Diets?


When most of us are looking for some more protein in our diets, we normally turn to animal sources such as beef, pork or poultry. In some cases we may try eggs or beans when we aren’t feeling like a big cooked meal but it doesn’t really get much more adventurous than that. But just because these are the ‘conventional’ sources of protein, that’s not to say that they...

Why Are Organic Foods Better for Us? Or Are They Just a Scam?


Organic food is all the rage at the moment and it seems that new organic-only stores are popping up just about everywhere. This is probably a reflection of our growing interest in health and sustainability… which is all good. But do the two really go hand-in-hand? Is organic food really better? And why? What Is Organic Food? Organic food is food that is grown without fertilisers or pesticides...

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki

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