Personality Traits That Help You Succeed in Bodybuilding


Bodybuilding is a fantastic sport that has more positive impacts on your body and mind than most people are aware of. Bodybuilding is such a psychological activity in fact that arguably you could say this is the main deciding factor that leads either to success or failure and the simple fact is that most people who don’t manage to get into shape just haven’t put in the same effort or tried for as...

Why Do I Sweat so Much?


We see examples of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis every day. In your normal life, you would have encountered one such person if you don’t have it yourself. One such friend had greasy palms and armpits that would require him to change shirts frequently in a day, and he was no stranger to the remarks that would do the rounds unbeknownst to him, thanks to the unusual body odor. Perhaps if...

The Psychological Benefits of Running


Most people who run do so because they want to benefit from a number of physical side effects. The hope is usually that running will make us healthier, fitter and slimmer than we otherwise would be and so we force ourselves out that door as often as we can bear in order to improve our wellness and hopefully improve our chances of meeting that special someone. But if you run regularly then the...

12 Office Fitness Tips


We’re not advocating that you stand up all day while working in your office, but getting up occasionally and performing a few simple exercises, will help you maintain that “just got to work” energy and attitude. Blood circulation is very important for your legs, and these tips may also help you when you’re on a long flight, as well as in the office. Just make sure your...

How to Stop Cravings


Everyone has an obsession. Be it sex, food, love, liquor, gambling, religion. You name it… everyone has one craving that is out of control. And there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s how we humans are built. However, when this one vices leads to another, and another, that’s when things well and truly get out of control. Of course, we all have our preferences that we stick...

6 Little-Known Benefits of Vegetable Juicing


Let’s be honest: The biggest benefit of vegetable juicing is having the ability to easily consume entire vegetables while you are on the go. Slurping them up through a straw is way easier than trying to just…eat them. Chewing is hard work – especially in the mornings when the idea of eating something feels like a chore. It’s okay to admit it. We’ve all been there...

Choosing the Sugar Substitute That’s Best for You


According to the US Department of Agriculture, the average American adult should consume no more than 1.4 ounces of sugar per day. That adds up to 32 pounds per year which, if you’ve ever lifted a 32-pound bag of anything, is a considerable amount of food. The awful truth, though, is that the average American adult consumes 156 pounds of added sugar each year. With increasing warnings that...

Metabolism-Boosting Foods to Include in Diet After a “Cleanse”


Cutting calories—that’s the first thing most weight-loss hopefuls put on top of their list when trying to reach their ideal goal. While it’s completely understandable—for years dietitians and nutritionists have said cutting 500 calories a day would result in losing at least one pound by the week’s end—a new study (1) suggests that this pioneering guideline is completely false...

How to Gauge If Working Out Is Working


Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your work out is actually working or not, especially if you aren’t really losing any weight and your only looking at the number that appears when you step on the scale. The scale isn’t always the best indicator of how effective a workout is though, especially because muscle weighs more than fat, so those numbers can be deceptively discouraging if that’s all...

How to Improve Your Mood by Changing Your Diet


It is well known that exercise, sunshine and friendship improve mood, but the impact diet can have is frequently underestimated. Rather than taking anti-depressants, it would be both cheaper and healthier to change what you eat and drink. This is especially true for those who inhabit the rich, western nations. For example, the citizens of Western Europe and North America consume a great deal of...

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D.

Mark Goddard, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a consultant specializing in the social-personality psychology. His publications include magazine chapters, articles and self-improvement books on CBT for anxiety, stress and depression. In his spare time, he enjoys reading about political and social history.

*The views expressed by Mr. Goddard in this column are his own, are not made in any official capacity, and do not represent the opinions of his employers.